Dirt Shark

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Carcharodon carcharias – also known as the great white shark. 20-feet in length. 5,000 pounds in weight. The great white shark’s reputation as a ferocious, stalking, ambush hunter that attacks its prey by surprise is certainly well deserved.

Mammalian species Homo sapiens – also known as the Dirt Shark. A 225 pound, 6 foot ground-dwelling, tailless primate with a capacity for speech and language. In this individual case, the Dirt Shark stalks its prey with a video camera, microphone and a intense desire to be in the middle of everything. The Dirt Shark lurks around large patches of dirt replete with various size mounds and hills. A predator of 235 pound, 50 horsepower, fossil fuel powered machines, and the men who pilot them, the Dirt Shark is  also known to go after 115 pound young women, often times colored in black and green. The Dirt Shark is an equal opportunity predator. It is not quite understood if the Dirt Shark frightens, bewilders, confuses, amuses, bemuses or simply entertains these said species: man, machine and women. All things considered, the Dirt Shark, for various reasons, is prolific, its motives and actions revolving around all things motocross and always documented for millions to witness.

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