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Shot of Nic Von Rupp in California November 2018

Portuguese wildman qualifies for the Big Wave World Tour!

May 082019

Huge congratulations to the Portuguese wildman, who has qualified for the Big Wave World Tour! Hard work, hundreds of hours travelling and taking some serious beatings in big waves around the world has earned the young surfer entry into the top elite surfers to compete in the gruelling BWWT.

Nic’s season was non-stop and his hard work and persistence has all paid off. With a huge night at the WSL Big Wave awards in California last week and an entry into the Ride of the Year category, Nic was awarded his official qualifications into the official BWWT!

Get the lowdown from the man himself on his journey to get here and how the sky is the limit in his interview below.

Watch Nic in his Ride of the Year entry at the WSL Big Wave Awards 2019:


1/ How does the voting at the Big Wave Awards take place and how did it come about that you have the Wildcard entry into the 2019/2020 Big Wave World Tour?

I’m extremely honoured to have made the tour next year! You can compare the Big Wave Awards to the Emmy’s or something similar. There’s judges that pick out the best players in the game and there’s 4 wildcards and I ended up being first qualifier of those first wildcards for the year!

2/ What do you think was the most important factor in pushing you into the BWWT?

Last year I had a really good year, but you can’t leave the door open for any doubts. This year, I was the surfer that went after every single big swell; from Hawaii to Ireland, from Nazaré to Mavericks and I was a performer at every single stop of those waves. I didn’t leave any room for doubt, I really wanted it! I was really tired and I had a few injuries during the season, because I was really pushing to get every single wave… but it paid off!

3/ What does this nomination mean to you?

Being nominated means… everything to me at this point! For the last 2 years, and especially this season I really put all my time and effort, body and mind into being ready… So that there was no doubt in my mind that I was physically ready and that my equipment was ready for when those huge waves come. So, coming to an end of the year succeeding with qualifying for the BWWT is a huge pleasure. Hard work pays off and if you really want it, you’ll get it!

4/ What are your goals when taking part in the tour?

I want to bring something new into Big Waves. I want to bring my talent and my skills that I’ve acquired over the years and apply it onto big waves. I want to make a difference. I want to ride different lines, I want to ride bigger waves, I want to perform the way no one has ever performed. There are good guys out there, and I want to be one of them. Being number 6, as a rookie, is a huge accomplishment. The sky is the limit, but I’m definitely aiming for a top 5 finish and working my way up and one day… I want to be Big Wave champ, for sure!

5/ What other current projects are you working on outside of the BWWT?

We’re currently working on a movie about my season, about my preparation and everything that happened during the season to getting here. It’s going to be a 50 minute movie about my life and my road to the Big Wave World Tour. Apart from that, a little bit of gardening and a bit of photography.. and those are my passions.

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