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Images of Tai Woffinden's world championship win at the Torun SGP

Greg’s Heading to Cardiff!

Sep 172019

Four-time Speedway world champion Greg Hancock is heading to Europe this weekend for the first time all year, heading an A-list cast at this year’s British Speedway Grand Prix.

The American legend hasn’t raced all season as he’s stayed home in California caring for wife Jennie, who is fighting against breast cancer. Even though he won’t be suiting up in Cardiff, Wales, he will be there as a Monster Energy ambassador and is set to join TV coverage on the night.

He would, of course, rather be racing but he’s excited to catch up with some friends in Europe and soak up the atmosphere at one of the biggest motorsport events of the year.

“I can’t wait to head back over to Europe and check it all out again. I’ve been pretty frustrated having to watch everything from afar so it will be cool to be part of it again and soak it all in – but I would much rather be racing!


“I’ve got quite a busy schedule in the three days I’m there with different things, including giving some tips to John McGuinness when he rides the circuit on Thursday! The Monster Energy Rig Riot at Cardiff always blows off, it’s crazy, so it’ll be fun to be a part of that again.


“I know ‘Twitch’ Stenberg is coming too so it’ll be cool to hang out with him and show him what Speedway is all about!”


Despite being thousands of miles from the action, Greg has been keeping an eye on the competition.


“My son Wilbur has been keeping me in tune with what’s been happening and it’s been really interesting to watch it all from the outside for once, so I’m intrigued to get a closer look again and see what everyone is up to. I am really excited, it’s an awesome event and it’s going to be really cool to see everyone again.


“I have to say a huge thanks to Monster Energy for sorting everything out for me at short notice too, it’s a flying visit but I can’t wait to hang out and be a part of the Monster family again.”


Greg will join ‘Twitch’ Stenberg, John McGuinness and Chris Holder at the event, while our guys Tai Woffinden and Patryk Dudek will be hoping to bring home the goods on track. If you’re heading to Cardiff, make sure you’re in the SGP fanzone at 2pm on Saturday for what is going to be a huge rig riot.