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With six Off Road Racing Championships and 66 career wins to his name, Johnny Greaves is, undoubtedly, the singe greatest truck driving man in the sport’s torrid, rough and tumble history. He’s also Monster Energy’s main man with the master plan in a form of motor racing the company holds very close to its gasoline-soaked heart.

Rumbling out of Green Bay, Wisconsin — closed-course off-road racing’s spiritual homeland — Greaves, a former National Championship contending motocrosser (“I raced Red Bud, Millville and a few supercross races like Pontiac.”) - is so professional, polished, that in 2008 Toyota (in the form of it’s mighty TRD research and development arm) went looking for Greaves and requested that he represent the motor giant in the roughest and toughest for of four-wheel racing on Earth. “We want to be the best looking team in every way and we really wanted to “represent”. And that’s what Monster has always been about — they want to be the best looking deal out there. So we’re doing our best to take it to that level. The truck is running good and I’m driving it good. Between Toyota and Monster, we’re more than capable of winning with out truck and we have enough experience and knowledge to know what we need to win.” And with the fledgling new TORC Off-Road Series now up and running, win they shall.

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