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Monster Energy AUS-X Open

10 Questions with The GOAT

Nov 162019

Ricky Carmichael is one of the most famous and successful individuals in motocross. We sat down with "The GOAT" for 10 questions in the lead up to 2019 SX Open Supercross in Auckland and Melbourne.

10 questions with the goat

What’s your earliest memory on a dirt bike?

The first time I rode was 1985 - Valentines Day. I was 5 years old and I can remember it like it was today. I rode at a little sand track by my house for the first time ever on a motorcycle. I remember when I was done riding I was parked across the street and my mom said “Do not cross the street until we get over there next to you.”.  I didn’t pay attention to her and went across the street so they didn’t let me go to the next spot to ride!

When did you know that racing was what you wanted to do?

8 years old is when I had a clear vision of what I wanted to do. I was playing American Baseball at the time and riding motorcycles and my parents said I can’t do both, and had to make a decision to do one or the other and I made the decision to ride motorcycles.

Let’s go back to 2003 when you had young Aussie, Chad Reed appear on the scene trying to take over your throne. What was it like when he came out of nowhere challenging you?

That year brings nightmares to me! He totally blindsided me. I thought that was going to be a relatively easy year but unfortunately it wasn't. He for sure caught me off guard and the guy was the real deal without a doubt.

Take us through the story of your famous crash with James Stewart in 2005 where he landed on your back. What was going through your mind and did you guys talk about it after?

Well I was extremely pissed when he did it. I was like “What the hell are you doing dude?”. I was racing clean with him and he wasn't anticipating the line that I was going to take. We didn't talk about it until a few days later. He called me as I was flying to the next race and obviously I know he didn't intentionally do that.

What’s your relationship like now with Reed and Stewart?

I don’t really have a relationship with James, he’s just disappeared but I have a tremendous amount of respect for him - he can ride a motorcycle faster than anyone to this day. My relationship with Chad is great - we’re great friends. I really enjoy seeing him.

To date, what has been your favourite season of all time?

2005, 2002 and 1998. They were memorable years for me.

Who would you say was your hardest competitor and why?

I’ve gotten to race the best guys in the world. Chad Reed was tough because he was just fast enough to keep you honest and he was really consistent. James Stewart was really hard to beat cause he was just so fast. McGrath was a lot like Chad Reed, he was really consistent, really fast and he was the king of Supercross so he knows how to win championships. Those 3 guys are are really tough to beat!

What bike was your favourite to race and why?

My favourite bikes to race were the KX125 pro circuit Kawasaki in 1998; in 2002 my Honda CR250 factory Honda was really good and in 2005 my RM250 Supercross bike. The performance of those bikes made racing a lot of fun.

Tell us about The GOAT Farm. How did it all start and what do you have going on down there?

I bought the place a long time ago as a personal facility to get training done and try to win some races. We now have a few amateur riders training there that are trying to make their way to the top. The GOAT Farm name actually came from a Monster guy! When Ash Hodges came to shoot a Dirt Shark video there he called it "The GOAT Farm" and it just kinda stuck. It’s a special place to me.

What are you looking forward to most about the Monster Energy AUSX Open in Melbourne and the SX Open in New Zealand?

I’m really excited to be here in Auckland because I’ve never been here. A lot of the fans have never seen me, they’ve only seen me on TV or the internet so it’s cool for them and that makes me feel really good, I love seeing their reaction. I’m really excited to go to Melbourne too, never been there either. My 40th birthday is a couple of days before Melbourne so should be really good!