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Images of Monster Energy's newest UFC athlete Tyron Woodley

10 Questions with Tyron Woodley

Oct 112016

Welcome to the Monster Energy team!

Q & A

How did you get involved in MMA?

I was a NCAA Division 1 wrestler, and saw all my buddies getting into MMA so I gave it a run. Rashad Evans was a friends, and many guys from TUF show I knew from wrestling. My High schools coach was a fighter, and I was like man I'll never do that mess lol. Looks like God blessed a "Mess!" And now I'm the UFC Champ.

What's a typical week of training for you?

My training day consist of three parts: Conditioning, Live Training, and Drilling. Conditioning can be running, Strength and Conditioning, or Plyos that all take place in the AM. Live training is wrestling, jiu Jitsu and sparring at 1:30pm daily. Drill and Mitts happen 7:30pm M-F. Sat I do circuit sparring forcing myself in bad positions at a high pace followed by conditioning.

Where do you train?

I own an American Top Team(ATT) satellite called ATT Evolution. I start all my camp there. My last three fights have been under the watch of Din Thomas at Roufus Sport along side of Duke Roufus.

You're fighting in NY at Madison Square Garden at UFC 205, how do you feel about that?

This is the biggest platform! Ali is my Idol and he made his pro debut here, Suffered his first loss here, and also avenged that loss in the very same building. I'm excited to continue my run and put on a show at The Garden.

What other activities are you into?

Love Shooting, going to the movies with the fam, but most of all I love watching my son play football. They are so focused and passionate that it delights me to be there for them not matter where I have to come in from.

Who are your favorite fighters?

I love to watch guys like Carlos Condit, I love the fight philosophy of Dom Cruz and Demetrious Johnson, and the Power Punchers like Anthony Johnson and Robbie Lawler.

Where are you from and where do you currently live?

I grew up in Ferguson, Mo. I currently own a home in STL, but my passport has many stamps & I fly domestically weekly.

What is one of your favorite fights you have watched?

Diego Sanchez vs Gilbert Melendez and Robbie Lawler vs Carlos Condit

What's your favorite Monster flavor?

Ultra Red ALL DAY! If I'm watching my figure Monster Low Carb.

Any shout outs?

Definitely want to thank Monster Energy for bringing me on board, their vision, and ability to go extreme every where. Thanks to my mans Hans for putting the wheels in motion. The city of St. Louis for giving me so many life lessons to build who I am today! Family for support and God for unexplainable favor! I am the Definition of a "MONSTER" in all aspect. Thankful to be apart of a company that just so happens to be my middle name.