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Vermo Drift Festival, invitational drifting competition held in Finland by Riku Tahko.

100 lasissa | Riku Tahko epic flatout in city of Hyvinkää

Sep 012017

It is not often that your motherland turns 100 years old. It actually only happens once, and when it does, it must be celebrated in every way possible.

Finnish people may be said to be a silent folk, even melancholic at times, but when it comes to motors, motorsport they come alive.. And when they hear the crisp sound of a rally car, every citizen in Finland regardless of age, sex or occupation can feel their body shivering.

As the city of Hyvinkää also turns 100 summers (or winters) this year, it is celebrated with festivals, various activities and events. Representatives from the city asked Finnish Rallycross star, Monster Energy’s Riku Tahko to produce a clip that would showcase Hyvinkää to an international audience. From that, Riku Tahko and a large production crew, proceeded to produce this epic video, taking us through the beautiful Finnish countryside, the farming communities and down through the city of Hyvinkää.

Through the cooperation with the city of Hyvinkää and local authorities, the roads were closed for Riku to be able to steer his unique, competition trimmed MINI Countryman Rallycross Supercar, which is one of a kind in Northern Europe, safely through the streets in and around Hyvinkää.

The film was premiered at the Red Carpet Film Festival, with Riku arriving in true 007 style in his race car, wearing a tuxedo under his rally suit, and now the video is being released for the world to see.