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Evil Geniuses DOTA 2 at 2015 ESL One New York

1v1 with Arteezy at the Boston Major

Dec 072016

Artour "Arteezy" Babaev is one of the most popular players in Dota. Once one of the most respected mid players RTZ now find himself occupying the carry position on evil geniuses he is well known for his diverse here pool intense play and in-game antics. We had the opportunity to sit down with RTZ before the bracket stage of the Boston Major.


What prompted you to come back to Evil Geniuses?

After our downfall at TI, a lot of us at Team Secret just went different ways. A lot of people didn’t like certain people on the team, so I decided I would walk away from it too and try to find my own thing going on. There was a lot of stuff happening and at first I wasn’t really sure where I was gonna go. But then, I just joined EG again out of the blue.

How has the team dynamic changed since ppd left? Is Cr1t’s captaining style different from his?

Instead of one clear, concise leader, I think it’s more spread across more people now. Just how they feel at different points in the game, they’ll make the call themselves. Usually everyone has the same amount of say, so everyone’s calls are respected equally. So there’s no super clear voice.

How valuable of a resource has Fear been, having him still onboard in a coaching role?

I mean, he just boosts our morale, just by being there. It’s very helpful. And he’s also able to assist directly… you know he just has that experience of playing with the EG guys for such a long time, so he can help all of us ease into having the responsibility of having to do our own calls. I just feel it’s really good to have him around

You had a really strong start, with the victory at MarsTV League, but have had some difficulty getting gold again. Are you nervous going into Boston, or do you view this as just part of the acclimation process for the new roster?

I think that this format isn’t really optimal for the growth of a team. I mean we still have what it takes to win, obviously. I’m not too worried about it. We did get placed into what is the hardest bracket possible, so if there’s any time to prove ourselves it’s now. It’s a best of three, so we really just have to fight and give it our all.

What team are you looking forward to playing this weekend?

If we beat Wings, I want to play VP. And I assume we’ll being playing VP, because they’re playing IG.Vitality the first round. I don’t want to play OG, because they’re also in our bracket. I hope that they get knocked out early. But honestly, I feel pretty confident against Wings and confident against VP. The only Tier 1-ish team that I don’t feel confident against is OG.

Specifically NP, if you guys had to face them, how would that feel?

I think we match up well against them in game. It’s a good match. And then personally, I don’t think there’s any bad blood there, amongst each other. We’re all just having fun and playing some Dota. They beat us last time in Montreal, at the Northern Beat Invitational, so it’d be nice to play them to get some revenge.

How have you enjoyed 6.88 as a whole, and specifically the latest version?

This patch is one of these patches where you never know. And then with the small changes, like this one, you’ll just all of a sudden, in the middle of a tournament, a team will be picking all of these heroes that were never picked before. You just have these revelations. And then a small, mini meta forms in that short time. And this patch allows that, moreso than other patches. Like at TI4, it was just one strat that happened and then you had to do that or you’d lose. So it offers teams the opportunity to play what they’re good at.

What do you want to see from 6.89?

I haven’t seen any of the leaks that have come out, so this is blind. I hope OD goes away, like officially. He’s been nerfed a couple times, but since the introduction of like… his item progression is really natural right now, so it’s still fine to pick OD. But I don’t want to see him in games anymore man, I don’t want to get astral’d anymore. 
I’d just like to thank all of our sponsors and all of our fans. It’s really heartwarming to read all of your messages, especially when we lose, it’s just very nice. So I’m very grateful for all of that.
With his new share of captains responsibilities RTZ is sure to guide his team to victory this weekend in Boston. Tune in to watch Evil Geniuses play against reigning TI6 champions, Wings Gaming.