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1v1 with DJ from Fnatic

Jun 112016

1v1 with DJ from Fnatic Dota

This is the second major DotA event held in the Philippines this year. How did it feel to play in front of your home country and fans?

It feel so happy that I can play in my home country. I see a lot of Filipinos supporting me all the way, even when we’re losing. It’s really a great feeling.

Fnatic recently went through some changes not long before this Major, acquiring MidOne and 343. How have they adjusted to the identity of team Fnatic?

We knew about MidOne because he’s a great mid player. He made a name for himself as a pub star playing MMR games. I think he has the highest MMR in Southeast Asia! After that, we got 343. He’s very good in drafting and also great in the 5 position, so we swapped him to Net’s position. Overall I feel the changes were really good and we’re a stronger team because of it.

How much have you grown from being on Rave to being on Fnatic?

Of course the first time I joined Fnatic I was not feeling that comfortable due to English not being my first language, so I needed to adjust. I really need to learn how to speak English all the time. While playing on Rave, I always spoke Tagalog because all of my team members were Filipino. In Fnatic we only speak English over comms and the accents are very different from what I’m used to. The first time I played with them it was really hard for me to understand their English. But after a few months, I got used to it. If I didn’t understand, I just asked them a few times (laughs).

What will Fnatic do to prepare for TI6?

Right now we all know that we have a higher chance to get invited to TI because of Team Secret and Evil Geniuses breaking the roster lock. After ESL Cologne we’re probably going to the U.S. to train there because we have a few tournaments coming up in that region.

This crowd went insane when you picked Enigma. What’s your favorite hero to play and why?

Actually that was only the second time I played Enigma in the last couple of months (laughs). Before this tournament, we practiced one game with Enigma but you know I’ve played Enigma a lot in the past so it’s no problem for me. If I had to pick, my favorite hero is still Rubrick for me and all of my teammates know that.

Would you want to see more eSports/DotA2 events in SEA?

I really hope that there’s still tournaments coming in the Philippines, especially Majors. The crowds are so loud; it’s beautiful.

What do you want to say to all of the Fnatic fans in your home country and all over the world?

Thank you guys for supporting us all the way, even when we lose. I hope all of you will continue to support us in the future.