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Vici Gaming

1v1 with fy

Apr 292017

Monster Energy Gaming sat down for a 1v1 with fy.

Q & A

With this new roster,you are back to playing with Fenrir.Do you think your personalities are the reason for your excellent play in game?

In my opinion,character or personalities are not in the priority,but my features of playing are suitable for this team

What about Freeze made you and the others on the team decide to sign him? Were you specifically looking for a younger player, or were you open to anyone?

Freeze had already been in this team when I joined them, he plays good and he has a good personality, I think. That’s why let him join this very team.

You guys have loads of experience under your belts. Do you think that this helps Freeze as he takes his first steps in professional, high level Dota?

Definitely,especially in the laning phase and teamplay.

How do you balance decision making within the team?

Mainly rotk decides. In early game of Gank, we often listen to mid player and support.

What support players have you been watching lately and trying to learn from what they’re doing?

I will find some replays of some specific hero,not player.

VGJ had a very strong start to the year, getting 2nd place at StarSeries. Since then, you’ve been stuck at 8th place. What changes have you made to ensure a better success this weekend?

We made more trainings for these series and after group matches we looker for our weak points and made research on next rivals.

When you were practicing for this tournament, was there any team in particular that you studied and prepared for? Who do you think could give you the most trouble?

Because of the new principles of these series, we didn’t specially prepare for one team.We think every team is strong; all we need to do is make ourselves better and try to win every match.

With rumors of a new patch coming after the Major, what changes would you like to see made to the game?

I hope that our team can play more heroes.