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Photos of Team EnVyUs CSGO at Dreamhack Masters in Malmo, Sweden

1v1 with Happy

Sep 122017

Happy has been on Team EnVyUs the longest out of his current teammates. What keeps him around? How is the new roster looking? We got the chance to take a quick dive into the mind of the French in-game leader at DreamHack Masters!


This is your second time leading EnVyUs to DreamHack Malmo. Could you tell us a little about Malmo and your thoughts on having a DreamHack Masters here?

We didn’t have much time to visit the city both times but, as you know, it is one giant event like last year and of course it’s not a Major. However, it is Major-like in the sense that it is a big, big, BIG tournament. Yeah we hoped we would do something great here or at least something good that our fans could be proud of, but we didn’t deliver so we took the time we had left to practice and think about the game and new game plans. Overall, even though we lost and didn’t make it to the main stage we didn’t lose time; after all we have several more events in Mykonos and New York.

You’ve been with nV the longest dating back to 2015. With roster changes happening so often, what is it about nV that’s kept you around this long?

It’s the connection that I have with hastr0 — Mike, the owner of Team EnVyUS. I think he really values my work and I really value his. So we have that trust going for each other and I think we know we can make each other a better person, build a better team and help foster the personalities of our players. He’s one of the greatest guys I’ve met in esports and I’m so glad I’m still apart of EnVyUS.

How do you feel about this current EnVyUS roster which includes you as captain, RpK, ScreaM, SIXER, xms and maLeK as the coach?

I think we are on the rise but we’re slow learners. What any team in the top 10 can achieve in a week, we may need two weeks to do so, but we do it and we do it no matter what. I think we just need time and I know that a lot of players like to say “yeah we aren’t prepared” or “we need more time” but it’s truthfully a problem in our team and we’re trying to fix that — to become faster, quicker — and it takes time. It takes a tremendous amount of time.

For those that may not know, you are the IGL (in-game leader) of nV and have been since you joined.

Yeah I’ve been leading in game since day one and yeah it’s been good, I enjoy it a lot!

This current roster is pretty young and formed itself from the famous “French Shuffle” earlier in 2017. As the IGL what is it do you feel needs some work or improve on?

Every player within this team has a lot to improve on, when I got ScreaM back after he somehow got kicked from G2 he told me himself that he didn’t take it well, so he needed time to adjust to his new reality. After a few months he knew he needed to step up because he wasn’t surrounded by very experienced players anymore, he was surrounded by younger players and people he’s never played with before. He needed to learn how to play within the system and play for the team and I think he’s adjusting quite well. That was the main thing along with what I already touched on.

Last but not least, what would you like to say first to the Happy fans out there and Team EnVyUS fans?

I don’t know if I have many fans but I know there are a lot of fans of EnVyUS and I want to thank them for the support and I know it’s rough times but we are getting to it soon enough, so stick with us.


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