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Team EnVyUs wins CWL Stage 2 Finals

1v1 with JKap from Team EnVyUs

Jul 182016

After winning the Call of Duty World League Stage 2 finals yesterday, we sat down with Jordan "JKap" Kaplan of Team EnVyUs and talked about the team, their work ethic, and upcoming events..

1v1 with Jkap from Team EnVyUs

The last time you were on Team EnVyUs, you brought home two championships during Ghosts. How does it feel to win another championship for nV after 2 years?

It’s kinda been a drought as far as EnVy COD championships go so it feels good to finally bring another one home for the organization (as a whole) and hastr0, especially.

You're the captain of this squad. How has the addition of Apathy and John improved the team?

Apathy and J0hn just provide a lot of explosive submachine gun power. Me and Slasher knew after Stage 1 that we’re both better AR players, so we needed two submachine guns. Found those two and it’s working out.

You guys advanced to this tournament's semifinals on Thursday. What did the team do to prepare for Championship Sunday?

There’s actually a Pro Lounge back at the hotel. We spent a lot of time where we played most of the maps against different teams back there, just practicing between the off days.

What will the team do next to prepare for MLG Orlando and COD XP?

As far as preparing for future events goes, we’re just gonna go home, keep practicing, keep finding different things that maybe work here and there. Hopefully just do the same stuff coming into this event...

Will you be wearing jeans at every tournament from now on?

Most likely will not be wearing jeans at every tournament from now on. Going back to basketball shorts. (laughs)

Will the headband make a comeback?

I doubt the headband makes a comeback. I won’t say no, but I doubt it.

Any words for all of the nV fans out there?

We appreciate all the support from all the fans, always. I’m just happy to bring home another championship. There’s a lot of nV fans who are really loyal, but haven’t tasted any (Call of Duty) success lately. Glad to bring one home!