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KBrad of Evil Geniuses at EVO

1v1 with K-Brad of Evil Geniuses

Oct 022016

We caught up with K-Brad at ESL One New York during the Brooklyn Beatdown and here's what he had to say.


Let’s start with the basics. It’s been eight montsh since Street Fighter V’s release. How are you feeling about the game, its mechanics, Cammy specifically.

I definitely adapted to it a long time ago. It’s a very simple game compared to Street Fighter IV. I picked it up pretty fast. There are still some Cammy specific things that I’m still learning and picking up from the other top Cammies. But for the most part, I think I have things down solid.


Would you say that you’re pretty confident that you’re playing at?

I mean, I can always take it up. But, I’m pretty confident in how I’m playing. The game is pretty crazy. The people that are winning, and the way that those people are winning, it’s with this crazy style. And I’ve always played really safe and conservative, just like Justin. Justin’s playing safe and he’s winning. So, like, I know that the style works, so I just have to make sure I incorporate that.


How do you feel about the fact that we’re starting to see a lot of American players winning some big matches? You’re showing up, Ricky’s showing up, Justin’s showing up, Julio is showing up…

It’s one of those things where… So people don’t remember that in the old Street Fighters, Japan got the game before us. They would get the game almost a year before we did. Even with Street Fighter IV, I think they had the game about nine months to a year before we got it in America. So they already know so much about the game before us. We were just playing catch up. But now, since everyone gets the game at the same time, we’re all on the same level. So now, you can clearly tell that the Japanese players aren’t that much better than us. They’re great and I think they are technically better, but it’s not by much.


Was there any player in particular that you were hoping to play? Did you prepare for anyone in particular?

No, I just prepared for everyone. So, there’s usually never a single player that I’m looking to beat. I mean, obviously, Infiltration has an X on his back. He won Evo, he’s first in the Capcom rankings, he’s been winning everything, he wants to win this. So actually, I would really like to play him. I’d also like to play Justin, because we train a lot together, and I haven’t beaten him yet in a tournament for this game. So it would be a bigger deal for me to beat Justin than it would for me to beat any other person.


Are there any players – specifically American players – that you’re looking forward to seeing how they perform this weekend?

I definitely want to see how Flash does. I feel like… Flash is my favorite player and he’s my best friend. So obviously I really want to see how he does. He’s definitely top five in America, one of the absolute best players in America. I definitely want to see how Justin does, because Justin has a bad habit of choking against international players. He will destroy all of the American players, no one can touch him, but then once internationals are involved, he’ll choke it up. So I want to see how he does. And also, I want to see how Ricki does. So those are the three people I’m interested in seeing this weekend.


You had a really tight set against Kazunoko. It was super tight and very intense. Can you walk us through the set and how you were feeling throughout it?

When I was playing Kazo, I was playing the match exactly how I want it to be played. I focused on reacting to a lot of the stuff he was throwing out on offense. I mostly played defensively. I think I played the match perfectly. But the issue was that I made a few bad mistakes. I did what I was supposed to do in the matchup, but then in the clutch situations, I messed up. So at the end, I hit him, took a lot of damage, hit him again and went to check him on wakeup. But I missed it. And then he killed me because of it. So really, that one mistake is why I lost. So I need to go home and practice, get in the lab. But overall, the match was really sick! I mean, I enjoyed it.


Let’s talk about the grand scheme of things. Obviously the end goal is the Capcom Cup. You’re doing well in the North American standings, but still need some critical wins to secure your spot. What’s you plan in the coming weeks and months?

I’m just gonna go out and play. I’ve got three more tournaments in the next month. I’ve got TFC, SCR and Canada Cup. Canada Cup will be the last tournament on the Pro Tour, so that will decide if I’m in or not. And then if I’m not, I still have the regional finals. I’m actually in the Regional Finals for Latin America, because I won a tournament down there. And then obviously I have the Regional Finals for North America because it’s my home. So really I have a few more shots at it. I have three more chances for points and two chances to qualify. So we’ll see how it goes.