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Fnatic Dota 2 at The International 2016

1v1 with MidOne from Fnatic

Aug 112016

Immediately after knocking out former TI3 champions, The Alliance, we sat down with Yeik Zheng Nai aka "MidOne" to talk about Fnatic's TI6 journey, their lower bracket run, and team strategies. Take a look at what MidOne had to say below!


How has some experience at this TI been so far?

So far I’m feeling good. The whole team is feeling very positive. After the group stage we maybe weren’t in the best place but now we’re very good.

So just a few minutes ago FNATIC knocked out Alliance. Is there anything you do different to prepare for Western teams compared to your Eastern counterparts?

I don’t think we do things very different, but the way we prepare for all games, especially big matches, is that we sit down and analyze the replays. Everyone does it this way. First, we review the tapes and figure out their strategy, common plays and those kind of things. Then, we get to decide what heroes and what kind of play style we want to implement versus them. So coming into this game we spent yesterday bringing up the Alliance replays and got as much information as we can before coming up with a strategy.

All of TI can be pretty hard pressure-wise. How do you guys stay motivated through a difficult time in the group stage and into the main event?

To be honest after the first two days of the group stage we just told ourselves we have nothing to lose anymore because we we’re guaranteed to lower brackets. On the third day, we started to become more and more positive. It truly felt like something was turning because we had the mindset of not having anything to lose, but everything to gain.

Up next you face Newbee or Liquid. Is there a team you would rather face?

Actually we’ve never won a single game against either of them. Yeah, we’ve never beat them in a BO3 sieres before. Which means this is like a curse that we have to break, but honestly I would rather face Liquid because they’re the one I personally want to play the most.

Is there anything you want to say to the FNATIC fans here in Seattle and around the world?

Yes! Please keep on supporting us because our journey is not over and we know we can and will do so much better.