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Team Fnatic at the 2016 MLG CSGO in Ohio

1v1 with Olofmeister of Fnatic

Jun 262016

"Right now we are just trying to get back into the groove. We’re practicing our strats and training as a team."

It's been about a month since your return, how does it feel to be back and are you at 100%?

Being back is a really great feeling. It’s hard to understand how big of a part Counter-Strike players in your life until you have to completely quit it. It’s weird to be told you shouldn’t play anything at all due to my injury. I listened to the doctors and didn’t play any PC games, but it’s really hard when your work is also your hobby. Even when I take a break or whatever I still want to play Counter-Strike with my friends. I ended up having a lot of time to find other stuff to do such as rehabbing, doctor appointments and most importantly hanging out with my friends.

CSGO has really grown as a scene over the last year, where do you see it in years to come?

That’s a hard question to answer because Counter-Strike is growing so fast right now. Everyone is wondering when it will stop or slow down but I don’t see either of those happening. After all ELeague is on mainstream TV in America right now. The game keeps growing and the player base keeps expanding. In the near future they might make the game free-to-play and then it’ll just get massive. I can really only see the game getting bigger.

The Cologne Major is just a few weeks away. What is Fnatic doing as a team to prepare and specifically what are you doing to prepare?

Right now we are just trying to get back into the groove. We’re practicing our strats and training as a team. In general we are just getting back into competitive play. Because I have to ease into the game I can’t really be playing 10 hours a day like before. We have to maximize the practice and efficiently use the time that we have.

There is a general consensus in the community that you are the greatest CS player of all time. How do you respond to that?

Of course it’s fun to hear that but I don’t see myself as the greatest CSGO player of all time. That’s for the other people and the fans to decide. I’m just happy to be considered one of the best.

Last but not least is there anything you would like to say to all the Olof fans out there?

I just want to say thank you for all the kind words. I’m sorry if I wasn’t that good about updating everyone on my injury. It was hard because I didn’t even know what was wrong myself. Just thank you. Thank you to all the fans.