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Pictures of Team EnvyUs's CSGO team at Dreamhack Atlanta

1v1 with ScreaM

Jan 152018

We quickly caught up with Team EnVyUs’ ScreaM to learn about how he became a gamer and professional player!



To your memory, when did you play your very first game and what was it?

My first game ever? Hmm...I think it was a Legend of Zelda game on the Nintendo 64. I didn’t really play it because I was really young. I was more watching my cousin play it than anything.

As you became old enough to start gaming on your own, who or what was it that got you into playing?

It was my family definitely. My older brother, who’s seven years older than me, was playing Counter-Strike 1.5 I think? Something like that. He got me into CS early on, and eventually bought me Counter-Strike Source when it came out. So he is the one who actually got me into it.

You mentioned playing Counter-Strike, but what other games did you enjoy playing when you were young? What genres and consoles did you enjoy?

Well as far as consoles, I actually started out of PC. That was the earliest thing I played on and what I was usually using. Maybe PlayStation 1 or 2 but that was just for fun with my brothers, I didn’t really spend much time on those.

How did gaming mesh with your life? Did you make friends through gaming online, meet people at school who played, or was it mostly just family?

I think it affected my school a lot, because I was playing too much. Back then, people didn’t play that much, and no one at my school played. I was pretty much the only one and it had a serious impact. That being said, I didn’t make any friends in real life because of it but online I had quite a lot.

Being that your gaming did affect your schooling, were you ever urged by others, your parents or other family, to stop playing?

Yeah, in the beginning when I was going to school, it was really not good to be awake as long as I was playing video games. Other than that though my parents and family were really quick to support me in gaming. They weren’t that annoying about it.


Were you always a competitive player as a person?  You mention you played a lot — was that for fun or if you were actively trying to become great?

I’ve always been competitive in everything I do. I was playing basketball for a long time when I was younger and I really liked it, but Counter-Strike took over. At first I was really enjoying playing CS by itself, but after I discovered competitive play I wanted to be the best. I practiced so hard but I did still enjoy it so it worked out well.

When did you discover competitive play, then?

I randomly found out. Someone sent me a link of a competitive 5v5 game back then. I was playing all the time on normal servers for fun but then I discovered the competitive games. I was really surprised and it was really cool. I made some new friends who started playing competitively with me and it was good.

When was it that you actually entered the scene?

Well I was 15 at the time, so that was 2009 or 2010. It’s been about nine years.

Many people who don’t play or understand online gaming highly undervalue how social it can be. Are there any friends you made online that you still communicate with or ended up meeting?

Yeah, I think I have a lot of people I know through online play. I am pretty well connected with the whole CS French community. To be clear though I’m not really friends with these people, it’s all about gaming and we definitely play together but I think “friend” is more than gaming, it’s a real life thing. I do have fun with some people though, especially the pro players and a few others.

Do you have any games or genres that you play for fun or to relax?

I don’t really have time to play something else to be fair. I relax by going out with my real life friends, working out, and chilling. If I were to play other games then that would be too much playing in my life. It could be bad for my health and everything else. It’s nice to go outside and get away from my computer sometimes.

Obviously gaming is a big part of your life and career, but what does gaming mean to you?

Well as you said it’s a really really big part of my life. I also think games are always going to be in my life. There are always new games coming out and everyone enjoys it. Today it’s my work but I think it’s more than that. It’s one of the most important things in my life right now. Maybe one day it will be done and gone and I will move on to something else but for now I’m really thankful and blessed that I’m here. I’m enjoying it until the end.