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Josh Sheehan competes at the 2016 Nitro Circus NITRO WORLD GAMES in Salt Lake CIty, Utah

2016 Nitro World Games - Recap

Jul 182016

Monster Energy, the official energy drink of the first-ever Nitro World Games, congratulates its athletes on a successful evening of competition at the Rice-Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City, Utah with live coverage on NBC. The world-class team took a total of six trophies across FMX, BMX and Skate.

The unique inaugural three-hour event hosted the world’s best athletes and biggest stars in action sports, and did not disappoint drawing significant crowds for a spectacular evening of broken records, stunned fans, off-the-charts action, and a jam-packed stadium under sunny skies and hot temperatures. Athletes pushed themselves in the progressive new format and performed never before seen tricks and world firsts..

Created by Nitro Circus CEO and Creative Director Michael Porra and extreme sports icon Travis Pastrana, the Nitro World Games went down featuring freestyle motocross (FMX), BMX, Skate, inline and scooter with new disciplines, formats, tricks and all new massive ramps, along with a Nitro-invented live scoring format to ensure fans could engage with the competition every single minute of the Games.  


In FMX Monster Energy’s Josh Sheehan left his mark yet again and doubled up on trophies in both FMX events taking third in Best Trick and second in FMX. Sheehan, who made history just over a year ago when he landed the sports first triple backflip on a motorcycle at Pastrana’s compound in Maryland is known for his commitment to his craft both physically and mentally and continues to progress the sport. Today he showed how his discipline pays off by throwing a death-defying double backflip KOD for third in best trick. In FMX Sheehan amazed with a plethora of uber progressive maneuvers including a Nac Nac 360, 360-heel clicker, huge backflip lazy boy over the 120-foot jump and an insane double back flip. Teammate Taka Higashino took a respectable third place in FMX throwing a body varial and his signature backflip rock solid over the massive 120-foot jump.


Regarded as the ‘new breed’ Colton Walker was able to secure first place in BMX Triple Hit despite being the youngest rider in the event.  His winning tricks included a flip bar whip, 360 double whip to barspin and Twix (Barspin / Tailwhip).  Keep an eye on Walker who is definitely defining the future of BMX.  Teammate Alex Coleborn took third with a barrel roll barspin, 360 triple whip and 720 barspin.


Monster Energy’s Trey Wood walked away with third place in Skate Best Tricks proving that the young guns are holding their own and continue to progress skateboarding.


Nitro World Games was broadcast live on primetime NBC at 8 pm ET and 7 pm CT from Salt Lake City Utah’s Rice-Eccles Stadium.