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Kyle Walker skateboarding in Long Beach, CA.

2016 Thrasher Magazine SOTY: Finalist - Kyle Walker

Dec 012016

After the heaviest year of skateboarding on record, Thrasher Magazine announced the eight finalists for the 2016 Skater of the Year. And Monster Energy's Kyle Walker is among the top of the list.

The man from Tornado Alley has a knack for making the most hairball, Muska-busting, after-black-hammer-ass handrails look like your neighborhood flat bar. K Walks took three extra pushes in 2016, dropping a shoe with Vans in a hail of kinks, ripping 'round the world in Volcom's "Holy Stokes!" and grinding out his "Surveillance #2" flick with the REAL homies featuring one of the longest front blunts of all time. And then there was "No Other Way." That feeling, that shocking feeling you used to get at the end of big, awe-inspiring skate videos – it's back!

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