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Photos from our scene partner Barber Rules 3 Years Anniversary Party, feat. Paul Hewitt from AONO


Nov 172017

1st of April was the 3 Years Anniversary party of Barber Rules. Also with them as a guest barber was Paul Hewitt. We had a chat with him about Barber Rules, his plans for 2017 and more


Hey Paul! How are you?

Really good, really really good.. I'm absolutely loving being in Greece right now.

Is it your first time in Greece?

My first time yes. I've never ever been into the country before.. I've always wanted to come.

How is business in the UK?

It's really really strong. Barbering culture is the newest trend over there. But then you come outside and you see just how popular it is in other countries. This is what I love about coming. I get to travel so much, I'm lucky. You get to a point you think you know everything but now I've come here and I've learned so much and I've only been here for 2 days.

I noticed you mentioned PMA a lot in your social accounts. How do you apply PMA in your life?

I think it started when I was a bit younger, growing up around a lot of negativity, friends always trying to pull me down. It was like 'you gotta do it this way or that's it', then you have to go to college, go to university, get a good job, get married have kids, buy a house etc.. I was completely different and I knew I was different.. So it was around when I started to get arounda lot of hardcore music and punk and there's a special band called H2O, and I started get more into streetwear, he did an article and he talked everything around PMA, and everything was coming around too. I'm trying not to take much negativity from around, cause there's a lot, in social media, in the news... and people get pissed off.. So I try to get rid of all that shit and try to hang around with people that are in the same part as me, like Costas over here, or my best friend Brad in Bristol, Shane in California, Kelly in NY. We're all in the same process, and it;s always : stay true, stay core, keep pushing, good things will come.

Your plans for 2017?

Not to travel so much, because in the last 2 years I travelled a lot.. Been away from my wife and kids. Just going back to the coreness of where I started. So if I travel, it's going to be for a core event. I've come here cause it's Barber Rule's 3rd anniversary, Costas is in the same process as I am.. I wanna go a bit towards education and giving back a bit, like helping less fortunate people go to schools, try to talk about how You can be different, and you can do good in business. So go a bit back to my roots and stay a bit around it.

Thoughts about Barber Rules, the guys, 3 yrs anniversary?

I'm quite jealous of what they have over here. I was stunned when I saw the shop. To have that kind of shop in the Uk, you gotta have 20 barbers, to make it survive, to afford it. Look at the party... So many cool people. I keep seeing people and faces that I; ve seen in social media. Costas travels, he does the same thing to open his mind, he's so passionate and he wants just to keep learning and learning. There's only been a few places where I;ve walked into and there is a shop manager, a seperate manager and 3-4 apprentices. There's one guy that is litterally the handy man. That's real family culture. Costas works with his brother, he lives across the street. It's like it's in his blood. I love it.

Are we going to see you again in Greece?

I hope so. For now, let's party!