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Sam Beckett is prequalified for the 2017 Vert Attack. Sam will be blasting air and planting eggs with @runeglifberg this Friday and Saturday in Malmo, Sweden.

2017 Malmo Vert Attack

Apr 182017

Vert Skaters are an Endangered Species in modern Skateboarding. At one point in Skateboarding’s distant past, Vert Skating was so popular you could find a Halfpipe in any neighborhood you roamed. Two walls, transitions and flat bottom. Vert Skating is right in your face. Amplitude, speed, aggression, everyone Skates with their own style. Whether you were in Europe, The United States, Canada, Australia, they all had their own legendary ramps and iconic Skateboarders that inspire us today.

Every Spring John Magnusson and Bryggeriet Skatepark in Malmo, Sweden play host to Skateboarding's up and coming, and seasoned Vert Gods including Monster Energy's Rune Glifberg and Sam Beckett.  Throw in some of the best to ever do it like Bucky Lasek, Nicky Guerrero, Jimmy Wilkins, Thrasher Magazine’s Jake Phelps and Alex Perelson, and you have something legendary.


"The legend of Vert Attack and the riders of the lost art".

For full results and more on the Bryggeriet Skatepark CLICK HERE.