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Action images of our athlete at Nitro World Games

2017 Nitro World Games - Recap

Jun 262017

Monster Energy’s Harry Bink Wins FMX Best Trick at the Nitro World Games at the Rice-Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City, Utah with live coverage on NBC during a single three-hour broadcast. Teammate Josh Sheehan takes third in FMX with Monster Energy athletes taking a total of four trophies across FMX and BMX events.


Now in its second year, the Nitro World Games competition brings together the best athletes and biggest stars from across the globe in action sports’ most exciting disciplines, including freestyle motocross (FMX), BMX, skateboarding, and scooter. Fans inside Rice-Eccles Stadium and viewers all across the world witnessed fierce competition, new records, and some of action sports’ most innovative performances – all wrapped into one unique three-hour event.


The action culminated in the last event, FMX Best Trick where Bink from Canberra, Australia, took first place with a historic first-ever move: After suffering a harsh fall on his first attempt over the 25-foot high launch ramp, Bink became the first rider to ever land a rock solid front flip for a 9.02 point score. Incredibly difficult to control, the unprecedented maneuver was instantly named “the hardest trick that’s ever been attempted in freestyle motocross,” by commentator and host Pastrana. Aside from taking the Best Trick top spot, Bink also put on a strong performance in FMX, stacking his final run with ultra-progressive maneuvers such as rock solid to no-handed landing, contorted Whip Nac, rock solid flip as well as a huge Hart attack flip and heel clicker to superman flip over the 120-foot jump followed by a highly difficult no-handed front flip for a 63.53 point score and fifth place.


The night’s second motocross trophy went to Bink’s Monster Energy teammate Sheehan from Donnybrook, Australia, who continued his Nitro World Games legacy by taking the trophy for third place in the intense freestyle motocross (FMX) final. Despite the high altitude in Salt Lake City that caused several riders to take down their flips and body varial moves a few notches, Sheehan came out with gravity-defying moves including a no-hand superman, holy grab to one-hand indy, Nac Nac 360, 360-heel clicker, heel clicker to superman flip, as well as fully extended double grab backflip over the 120-foot jump and an insane double back flip for a 67.57 point score. Sheehan, who made history two years ago as the first rider to ever land a triple backflip on a motorcycle, also came through in tonight’s Best Trick event, landing a huge double backflip over 65-feet in the air as well as the world’s first-ever double backflip heel clicker for 8.75 points, closely missing the podium with a fourth-place finish.

Monster Energy congratulates Monster Army riders Colton Walker and Brian Fox on their first and third-place wins in BMX Triple Hit at the second Nitro World Games at the Rice-Eccles Stadium in Salt Lake City, Utah. With live coverage on NBC during a single three-hour broadcast, Monster Energy’s world-class athletes took a total of four trophies across tonight’s FMX and BMX events.


A progression-focused trick fest, the Triple Hit is three jumps where the only option is doing the three hardest tricks in succession. With the best riders in the world next to him, Walker stepped up to the challenge to take the win with his very last run in this insane event and his second consecutive win.


Having won the inaugural event in 2016, Walker was the sole rider to be pre-qualified to finals in BMX Triple Hit. So while 15 riders battled it out in semi-finals, Walker just had to focus on his own goals in this two-run, best-run counts format. He came out swinging on his first run, but went down on the final jump on what is essentially his signature trick, a barspin tailwhip-to-tailwhip.


“That’s exactly what happened last year, too. I fell on my first run, and I put it down on my second run, said Walker.” It’s hard to explain, but when that happens it motivates me to work out of this corner that I’m in—it was my last run, so I put in all I had. I’ve had that run in my head for a few weeks and I am psyched I was able to put it down.”


And that’s exactly what Walker did on the very last run of the event: he laced a backflip barspin-to-tailwhip, a 360 double downside whip, and stomped the barspin tailwhip-to-tailwhip for the undeniable win.


Going down last year in practice, Fox had a lot weighing on him at Nitro World Games.


“Last year didn’t work out so well, said Fox. I ended up crashing in practice and this year I was able to come back and do the exact run that I wanted to do last year and it landed me in third—pretty insane. It’s such a great feeling because that run has been on my mind every single day for a year straight.”


Fox stomped a backflip barspin, 1080, and double flip for third place honors.


After the event, Walker was excited and already looking forward to next year’s Nitro World Games.


“To win two years in a row is the best feeling ever, and I’m honored,” said Walker. This is one of my favorite ramps in the world to ride and I already can’t wait for next year.” But before that, Walker has X Games Minneapolis in mid-July to compete in.