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Image from 2019 Tampa Pro

25th Annual Tampa Pro Contest

Mar 032019

Since its humble beginnings in 1995, Tampa Pro has become the most respected grassroots contest in skateboarding thanks to its signature blend of state-of-the-art skateboarding, live music and side events. And as the 25th edition showed this weekend, Tampa Pro is still the best place to see hundreds of riders from across the globe – including Brazil, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Norway, Portugal Russia, and the United States – battle it out for the highly coveted first place trophy.
In Saturday’s heated qualifier session, Ishod Wair came out in first place with the kind of banging Tampa Pro run that brings the house down at Skatepark of Tampa (SPoT): A long frontside feeble to pop out over the entire centerpiece flat bar, switch big spin board slide the rail, 360 kickflip over the hip, frontside heelflip to fakie over the hip, backside overcrook pop out the rail, ollie up to back tail on the float bar, switch frontside bigspin heelflip the stairs, and a switch laser flip on flat earned the Thrasher Skater of the Year a Golden Ticket straight to Sunday’s final.
As the sun set over Skatepark of Tampa, the action continued with Saturday night’s Converse Concrete Jam invitational contest on SPoT’s freshly remodeled bowl wonderland. The crowd was hyped, fireworks were popping and eleven of the world’s best bowl riders blessed the new park with some never-been-done tricks (NBDs).

Speaking of NBDs, Monster Energy’s Raven Tershy stoked the crowd by blasting a high-speed transfer to frontside nosegrind pop-out through the entire length of the pool corner in his signature burly-meets-technical style. Raven also hit the concrete park with an alley-oop frontside 5-0 on the vert extension, backside crailslide over the doorway, backside Smith grind through the pool corner and huge backside ollies for a second-place finish in the 30-minute jam session.


Also stoking the crowd, last year’s Concrete Jam winner Trey Wood blasted high-flying backside airs to tail on the extension, frontside Smith grind the pool corner, frontside nosebone airs and a backside boneless wall plant high on the wall behind the platform for a solid fourth place finish. Ishod Wair flexed his all-terrain skills with backside boneless and one-foot air over the doorway and backside lipslide on the extension, and Monster Army recruit Jake Yanko earned $1000 and third place in the Converse Concrete Open Jam.


In Sunday’s street final, Ishod Wair added tech moves like nollie inward heel over the hip and frontside big spin to fakie into his street line, but could not pull a perfect run and ended up in eight place.


Ishod’s teammate and most recent addition to the Monster Energy skateboarding team, Kelvin Hoefler, had all the ingredients for a winning run with tech moves like long backside tailslide, big flip frontside boardslide fakie, half Cab bluntslide transfer 180 on the centerpiece bar, kickflip frontside bluntslide fakie the rail, fakie nosegrind the ledge, and a super technical bigspin frontside bluntslide shove-it transfer over the flat bar. But Kelvin also could not reign in the perfect high-tech run he wanted and finished in fifth place with a solid 85.00-point score.


On that note, the level of skateboarding in the finals was off the charts. When all was said and done, Brazil’s Carlos Ribeiro took the win by posting highlights like a long backside overcook the flat bar, huge nollie 180 frontside flip over the hip and nollie heelflip tailside fakie the Hubba for 93.33 points, ahead of Florida local Jake Ilardi in second and Japan's Daisuke Ikeda in third.


Thanks to Brian Schaefer and the entire crew at Skatepark of Tampa (SPoT) for another epic chapter in Tampa Pro history and congratulations on a quarter century of bringing the stoke with one of skateboarding’s most revered contests.