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Action and lifestyle shots of Kris Foster and the Monster Girls from Center of Gravity 2017

5 Burning Questions with Canadian Monster Girl: Celeste

Sep 232019

We had the opportunity to get Canadian beauty, Celeste, into the hot seat for this week’s Monster Girl Monday. Taking advantage of her undivided attention, we asked a few questions about her experience working as one of the industry's most exclusive models.  

Favourite part about being a Monster girl?

Getting to hang out with the girls. So many of them have become my good friends and I’m always so excited to see them every time I work a monster event. We’ve become very close, almost like family.

Favorite Monster event?

Definitely Center of Gravity in Kelowna. The weather is always perfect and the whole town is one big party. Beaches, boating and watching good DJ’s are some of my fave things to do and COG has it all!

How has being a Monster Girl helped you further your modelling/acting career?

People will actually stop me on the street sometimes, knowing I’m a Monster girl. I get fans dm’ing me asking if I’ll be at a certain event or go again the following year.  I feel like being a Monster girl has made me more recognizable and given me more of a social media following, which in turn helps my modelling/acting career.

What are some other things you like to do when you are not modelling?

Travel! Travel ! Travel! I literally live out of a suitcase! I love seeing new places and exploring unbeaten paths. When I travel, I always try and do things that I can’t do at home necessarily. I love hiking, surfing, free diving and extreme sports.

What is your favourite Monster product?

The Monster Energy Zero Ultra! Gotta love that it’s sugar free and I love the taste.

Look for Celeste at Monster Energy events across Canada!