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Highlights of the Styrian Tattoo Convention 2019


Aug 202019

The three-day tattoo convention attracted thousands of people to the Forumkloster in Gleisdorf City from 9th to 11th of August. Over 75 international tattoo artists from countries like Japan, USA, New Zealand, Peru, Germany and many more came to bring color under the skin of the visitors.

In addition to the sensational tattooist line-up, the 3 days were accompanied by a variety of shows, concerts, many hotrods and US custom cars. 10 international Bands, The Fuel Girls, Zoe Scarlett, Samba Girls, a Capoeira Show and Poledancer provided a varied entertainment program. Our Monster Energy Band We Blame the Empire, as well as our Brand Ambassador SBÄM were also there. We sat down with them to have a chat…


You are playing tonight at the 5th edition of the Styrian Tattoo & Hotrod Show here in Gleisdorf. What are your first impressions?

Borsti: Pretty cool how everything is set up here! Right at the entrance, the many old Hotrods and US Custom Cars. Relatively rare that you get to see such cars! In general, really well organized. Cool location.

Do you know any of the Tattoo-Artists here?

Prili: To be honest, not really. (laughs)  Borsti: I’m the only one with tattoos in my band. (laughs)

How do you think tattoos are related to heavy music? Statement or just body decoration?

Borsti: I wouldn’t say statement, rather body decoration.

Why do we find so many people with tattoos in heavy music?

Borsti: I think there is already more in the electronic sector ...The origins are in my opinion in the rock and metal scene, but nowadays it has become completely universal.

Do you have any stories behind your tattoos? Which one was your first?

Borsti: So my brother is a tattoo artist. He started 5 years ago, shortly thereafter he got needles, paint and accessories, but not the machine yet. On the 24th of December at 4:00 in the morning, where we already drank absinthe from wine glasses, he said, now let's do a tattoo. And here, this triangle (photo) we have engraved without a machine, just with a needle. After the first line, he just said: "F ** k, we can’t continue like that. "He got scared and I said to him:" I do not care, just keep going. "Finally, we have decided that he can let off steam and try on my arm, if I have to pay nothing for it. That's why it is pretty wild at some parts (laughs).

What's up with you guys in the future, any releases or shows planned?

Moli: Yes, we are currently working on our second studio album, which will be released next April 2020. We are now just before the recording, while developing ideas for music videos etc.

Are you still playing concerts this year?

Bucar: Yeah, we'll play Metalnight Outbreak in October, Harley Davidson in Carinthia on September 3rd, and another surprise in December.


You are invited as an exhibitor and juror at this year's Styrian Tattoo & Hotrod Show. What is your first impression?

SBÄM: I think it's really great here. This is my third tattoo convention. The 50's flair and the hotrods are great.

What is your opinion about tattoos in the punk rock scene? Is it more a statement or just body decoration? Where do you think are the roots to this connection?

SBÄM: It used to be more of a statement. These days, I think it's more like body decoration.

Does it have a connection?

SBÄM: I think so. At our shows, for example, almost 90% are tattooed.

With other music genres you can hardly see anything like that.

SBÄM: That's right! Maybe a bit in the electronic music scene, but not as strong as in the heavy section.

Do you have stories about your tattoos? Do you have a favorite tattoo? Which one was your first? Which style do you prefer?

SBÄM: It is totally different. I do not really have a favorite tattoo. Whenever I travel, I like to go to local tattoo artists. For example, at my last exhibition in LA.

So you’re more of a collector?

SBÄM: Exactly! Sometimes I also have some ideas for myself, which I then sting. Otherwise, I like to be inspired by traveling.

When did you get your first tattoo?

SBÄM: when i was 16 years old.

Which one?

SBÄM: A tramp stamp (laughs), , but I already covered it up.

Do you have any projects planned in near future?

SBÄM: The next event is the Sbäm Fest - Fall Edition in November. Then there are a few club shows. An America tour is also planned. Exhibitions from the west coast to the east coast for a month. Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Chicago, New York, Boston, New Jersey and some stops in Canada are already fixed. I am looking forward to that!

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We have some projects planned with them next time.


You can find more information about the next STYRIAN TATTOO & HOTROD SHOW here.