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Luca Schuler at 9 Royals, Watles, Italy.


Apr 052017

The Swiss young gun Luca Schuler amazed the whole week with his tricks and secured third place at the Men’s Ski podium. We caught up with him after the contest and talked about the past week at the 9 Royals.

Actually pretty great! The week was fun and today I did a trick again I haven’t done in a long time. Us riders had a lot of fun together. I had one of the best weeks of my life! 

Today I did a triple 10 and 12 for the first time. I am very happy about that! Let’s see what’s happening tomorrow with the weather at the contest.

That’s ok. They have one jump and we do, too. If the girls want to hit our jump, they can and vice versa! So for me, that’s cool.

I think it’s very important, because everyone is really enjoying themselves here! You have a lot of possibilities to do stuff and try new tricks, so that’s very helpful for skiing industry.

Hard to say!  Hip from the side, the quarter is very nice to ride and I love the kicker. It has a good height and pop! Basically everything is really nice for riding. I am very happy!

Andri Ragettli obviously with his quad cork 1800. But there are plenty who showed awesome Tricks!

Hopefully in a good direction with more technical and stylish features.

Actually nothing! From my point of view the setup is perfect! Couldn’t be better!

Not much, only Swiss championship. Just staying without injuries and having fun. That’s most important!

Very nice! We have a great team with good athletes. We always enjoy ourselves and it’s awesome to travel with such a great crew.


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