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A Bigger Slice Of British Pie

Apr 262017

A Bigger Slice Of British Pie is one of those movies that will make you want to grab your mates, grab the bikes and head to the woods.


A Bigger Slice Of British Pie is back, but ‘bigger’ and better! The British heavy rider list speaks for itself: Steve Peat, Danny Hart, Josh Bryceland, Phil Atwill, Nico Vink, Laurie Greenland, Greg Williamson, Manon Carpenter and many more.


The sold out premiere of the film in Bristol went down amazingly. There were smiles and cheers in the crowd throughout and the adrenaline levels were indeed high when people left the room. It’s guaranteed that some of those grabbed their bikes and went for a ride that very night!


This full 56 minute is jam packed with good times, if you didn’t know the riders you would think they’re just a bunch of friends who went on tour with their bikes to find some new spots around the UK and then completely tear it up! Films like A Bigger Slice Of British Pie and Deathgrip are a perfect example of how strong the MTB scene is in the UK.


Videographer of both instalments, Tom Caldwell said in an interview with “The second instalment of the Slice of British Pie series, done and dusted. Ready for every one of you guys to feast upon. It’s been a long, hard but very enjoyable 7-8 months of solid production and a serious amount of effort put in from everyone… It’s pretty much my brainchild and baby so to see so much support is so overwhelming. One last thing – go and ride your bike.”


Watch A Bigger Slice Of British Pie and let us know what you think!