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A Bigger Slice Of British Pie: Danny Hart

May 152017

We caught up with British downhill mountain biker Danny Hart about his role in the newest A Bigger Slice Of British Pie MTB movie.


What is A Bigger Slice Of British Pie?

A Bigger Slice of British Pie is a simple internet video that showcases all the UK rider going mental in front of the camera for Tommy C!

How did you first get involved in the movie?

I got involved when Tommy asked me to film, originally I was going to film with Marc Beaumont in Wales, but our first filming session got cancelled because of some crazy storm that came through North Wales! For the second time round I called my old mate Dave (Bullhead) Wardell and we went and gave my bike park (Danny Harts Descend Bike Park) a good seeing to!

The rider list for this sequel is stacked. Which crew had the best section?

I don't think you can beat the Peaty, Pager, Ratboy and co! Peaty and pager, old school legends getting after it with Josh and his boys!

Who sent it the hardest?

Jono Jones, he wasn't scared at the end doing the mental road gap.

What was your top moment during filming?

Shredding with my old mate Bull, when the kids behind the camera had no idea who he was ;)

What’s your favourite flavour pie?

Butter chicken, from Peaked Pies, Whistler!