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Images from Rock Off Festival Turkey 2016

A Day to Remember : Monster Energy Presents : Rock - Off

Jul 132016

Monster Energy Presents : Rock-Off celebrated their 3rd birthday 10th of July, Sunday. Thousands gathered for this long waited metal music festivlaa.

 Monster Energy Presents : Rock – Off started with a performance from You May Kiss The Bride(YMKTB), before the god tier metal bands like Megadeth and Children of Bodom. 

YMKTB was the perfect choice as a warm-up for Turkish Metalheads. When YMKTB finished their great performance, another important Turkish Metal Band, Pitch Black Process took the stage and showed everyone why they are here. 

After these amazing local performances, DragonForce (UK) took the stage. DragonForce’s magical riffs and catchy melodies moved the festival to the next level. After Dragonforce’s performance, Sabaton took their places on the stage. This Swedish power metal band drew heavy attention from the crowd. They were hugely entertaining, keeping the mood fun all the time. 

 Also metalheads tried drum-o-meter and participated in interviews on Dragon’s Den between band breaks. 

 The extreme metal legend, Children of Bodom took the show far beyond rock’n roll. They proved that their skills can go on and on with an ice-cool image. The true legend, metal god Dave Mustaine was on the stage with his legendary band Megadeth. Thier Set list was exactly what the crowd wanted to hear from bottom to top. Especially their world famous songs which made people go insane. The biggest and loudest support of the whole festival goes to Megadeth. 

Monster Energy Presents : Rock-Off was the best event of the year for Turkish metal community.