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Ski Street Project

A few words with Coline Ballet-Baz

Oct 122016

We sat down with Coline Ballet-Baz to discuss her latest project and get the inside scoop from France’s leading lady of skiing.

I just stay focused on each day and enjoying the ride!

Where did the idea of the street project come from?

I did a bit of street riding when i started skiing with my friends from Hippy Family, its more difficult to got nice images but its a really big part of Freestyle for me! I sat down with Monster & Raf Ragazzoni and we brainstormed the idea to do a street project this season. As it was a bit of a different idea, I was stoked to invite my friends Erwan Pelisset to film and David Malacrida to take the photos for the project. Everyone was super hyped to be involved with the project from the beginning.

You filmed this video in only 10 days, was that hard to do? Did you pick all your spots beforehand?

Yes, the weather was super hard to work with this season; lots of rain and no snow. In the end, we managed to shoot 10 spots in 10 days. We thought about which spots we’d hit at the beginning with David and Erwan, then you know you always find more spots when you star filming, which its good as I will keep them for the next project ;)

Do you want to create a series of this video ?

I don’t think that I will create a series with this video, maybe something similar next year, we will see. In my mind, I like the idea of doing something collective, I didn’t really think of next year, but if Marion is happy to do it again, lets do it!

How will you finish this year ? ( trips, holidays, )

For the end of the year, I will try to ski as much as I can, to be ready for next year at Saas Fee, Stubai, Laax…, already sounds good! This week I’m going to Saas Fee with Emma (Dahlström) we will try to film a bit of park, just hope that the weather will be good!

Any good projects so far for 2017 ?

2017 will have to be focused on contests; I want to be qualificated for the 2018 JO, so I will follow the World Cup circuit with the French National team. I can’t wait to get on the road with the team, it’s always a fun time. Then at the end of the season, I will go to Nine Queens, and I hope to do few more park shoots, so why not another edit as well!

How will you prepare for the JO, who helps you ?

I will try to ski as much as I can, learn new tricks, and keep enjoying! With the help of my sponsor, the French federation, Sylvain Lombard (my coach) and the French ski team. I just stay focused on each day and enjoying the ride!

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