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Go Pro selfies provided by Emma Dahlstrom

A look back at 2018 with our Monster Athletes

Jan 252019

2018 was is many ways an unforgettable year for many of our Swedish Monster Athletes. With Street Leauge, X Games, Dakar, DreamHack and other proving grounds around the world, they faced some of the stiffest competition there is in their respective fields at the biggest stages known to man. A few weeks removed from the end of 2018, we sat down with Tor Lundström, Emma Dahlström and Henrik Harlaut for a run-through of the year that passed. What were the highlights for these three winter sport giants? What would events from last year would they prefer to put behind them, and what do they look forward to the most from the 12 months to come? 

What do you wish for the most in 2019?

“"To be positive. Things always get better regardless how bad of spot you’re in." - Tor Lundström”

How would you rate your 2018 on a scale of 1 to 10? 1 is the worst year in your life, and 10 is a monstrous year?

Tor: A 9.
Emma: A 9. I had a great year with lots of skiing, I competed in the Olympics, bought a new house and got a little puppy. It would’ve been a 10 should I have gotten that medal in Korea!
Henrik: A 9. 2018 was essentially perfect for me. I had loads of fun, more than ever, my body felt strong and I got the best results in the competitions I entered in my entire career.

What’s your fondest memory from 2018?

Tor: When I landed the Transworld cover. That was epic!
Emma: February 17th, Pyeongchang, Korea. The Olympic qualifier and the final was on the same day. A day that I’ve fought and waited for during the last 4 years. I won the qualifier and went into the final feeling confident, but I screwed up and ended up finishing 11th. Despite that it was the biggest competitive moment in my career. It was huge for me to see some of my closest friends on the podium and share their joy.
Henrik: My two X Games gold medals, which both were won within 24 hours of each other.

Is there any moment you’d rather forget about?

Tor: Lots of shitty hangovers.
Emma: When I crashed in the final in the Olympics.
Henrik: The Olympic Games. I had high hopes but things just didn’t go as planned.

What’s your most important learning from last year?

Tor: To be positive. Things always get better regardless how bad of spot you’re in.
Emma: Snow and skiing is life, and there’s so much more to life than just competing.
 Henrik: That age is just a number. I feel stronger and healthier than ever.

What do you wish for the most in 2019?

Tor: I wish for a lot of powder snow, partys and positivity.
Emma: I wish for lots and lots of powder, sunny days in the park and soft landings.
 Henrik: I really want to defend my gold medals in the X Games. That would be amazing!