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Photo shoot with lead singer Alexandar Parvanov from the supported by ME band Piranha

A quick chat with Alex Parvanov from Piranha

Feb 052018

Hi Alex,

Thanks for taking the time to tell us what‘s in store for you and Piranha in 2018.

Hi guys. Just like every year we are going to do quite a few show with the band and maybe some in the neighboring countries. Mostly on weekends and close destinations. With me personally there is a lot of stuff going on.

It‘s going to be a special show for a special person

Let‘s start with the most important question. When is the next live show?

The next show is on the 8-th of February at club „Stroeza“ in Sofia. We will play with very good friends of ours - PAPERWINGS and VAN COCK. It‘s going to be a special show for a special person, but that‘s all I can tell you. Come and see for your self’s.

Do you have plans for a new album?

We have a couple of new songs that we already perform live. We will see how things are going and maybe we will put out an album this year or next.

The last edition of Hardcore X-mass was a lot of fun

How was last year and which was your favorite concert?

As far as I remember everything was OK. The last edition of Hardcore X-mass was a lot of fun. At least that‘s what people said. The sound engineer of the club said he threw away his Piranha t-shirt after the show hahaha, but that‘s fine, because we are making new ones.

I’m 100% sure that‘s my thing

Let’s change the subject a bit and talk about your new hobby – becoming a barber. Recently you changed you image and started doing haircuts. How did you come up with that and where is your barber shop.

I don‘t have a shop yet. After I cut my long hair I got a „signal“ and decided to give it go. It‘s a very difficult job that you learn your entire life. I saved some money a bought professional gear. My only concern was, will I feel it inside of me, but now I’m 100% sure that‘s my thing.

it‘s either short classic hair style or „run hippie run“

Do you take any training or are you a natural talent?

I wouldn't say I‘m a natural talent, but with desire, hard work and consistency I will achieve what I want. Here I want to thank me mentors: TIMMI (HEADCASE BARBER SHOP / CHAPTER DEN HAAG) – Nederland, STANISLAV GAITANDJIEV (ФРИЗЬОРНИЦЪ "ЩАСТЛИВИТЕ НОЖИЦИ") – Veliko Turnovo and KALIN KUTSINOV – Sofia. Thank you legends.

The drummer of Piranha Oleg has quite long hair. Do you plan on cutting if of soon?

Ha-ha. For now I only trim his beard. I don‘t do long hair, it‘s either short classic hair style or „run hippie run“. He won’t let me touch it for now, but has promised me if that time ever coms I‘ll be the one to cut it off.