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Monster athletes compete in the Ski Slopestyle at the 2019 Winter X-Games in Aspen

A season on the podium

Apr 042019

Ferdinand Dahl is in his first season with Monster Energy and It´s proving to be his best one so far, with medals from both X Games and World Cup. Fresh from SLVSH Cup, where the Norwegian continued to prove himself among the world´s most interesting talents. .

Where are you and what are you up to these days?

-This week I got back home from one of the longest trips I’ve been on. It starts in Aspen, USA for X Games, then to Park City, Utah for World Championship and ended in Mammoth, California for a World Cup. Right now I´m on the bus from Barcelona to Andorra for Slvsh cup.


How has the first season in the Monster family been this far?

-The first season with Monster has been my best one so far! Have got to see many dope places, travelled with good friends and filmed more than I usually do.


What inspired you to go big on skis?

-I started as an alpinist when I was young. The first ones that inspired me to start with freeski was my oldest brothers and some of the older guys in my local park, Ingierkollen. Ever since I had Kim Boberg as coach on quicksilver camp 2013 he has been one of my heroes. Jossi Wells has also been a inspiration since early on.


X Games bronze is insane! Congratulations on that! What are the awesome highlights from your season this far?

-Thanks! X Games is definitely one of the highlights. Another highlight was that I got to ride street properly for the first time, when I was living with Quin Wolferman in Park City.


You are invited to Kimbosessions, how do you feel about that?

-This is the second year I am invited to Kimbosessions and it is without doubt among the sessions I’m looking forward to the most this season! Last year’s Kimbosessions was among the coolest I’ve been to, and I believe this year will be just as dope J


Have you landed anything new lately that you´ll bring with you to Kimbosessions?

-I don’t have a specific trick that I’ve learned lately, but certainly some cool ideas will come out in such a cool park. I want to do a seatbelt japan again, which is a grab I learned at kimbosessions last year.