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Interview with Bad Wolves frontman Tommy Vext, drummer John Boecklin and local Monster Band integration We Blame The Empire.


Dec 152020

Would you rather shred riffs or break high scores? Stand on stage or sit behind the console? Stagediving or the LAN party surfs? Anyway, we love both! It's been a tough year, but it would have been harder without music and gaming. In 2020 we dealt a lot with both topics and created something big for you: Heavy Talks & Heavy Games, two projects heavier than steel!


Here everything revolves around hard & heavy music, as well as everything that goes with it. Have you ever wondered how to make the step onto the big stage? What could the future of the hard & heavy scene look like? What is it like touring the world for weeks? We hosted a number of local and international stars and asked them exactly these questions. Do you want to know the answers? Then check out our podcast-series: Heavy Talks!


Bad Wolves consists of vocalist Tommy Vext (ex-Divine Heresy), drummer John Boecklin (ex-Devil Driver), guitarist Doc Coyle (Vagus Nerve, ex-God Forbid), guitarist Chris Cain (Bury Your Dead) and bassist Kyle Konkiel (ex-In This Moment).

They released their debut album, Disobey (May 2018), via Better Noise Music, which reached #22 on the Billboard Top 200, #2 on the Hard Rock Chart, #4 on Rock, and #8 on the Top Current Albums Chart. Their global breakout single, “Zombie,” is certified Platinum in the U.S. and Sweden, double Platinum in Canada, Gold in Australia and IMPALA Diamond in Europe.

We had the opportunity to meet Tommy Vext and John Boeckling at their Vienna show in February and talk about their music, the metal scene, the past and the future. Check it out!


In the second episode of Heavy Talks, we met Monster Energy Ambassador Stefan Beham, better known as SBÄM! The Linz native is known internationally as the organizer of the SBÄM Festival, illustrator of bands such as Blink-182, NOFX, SUM 41 and as the label boss of SBÄM-Records.

We arranged to meet him via Skype and talked about all of this and more.

Now listen to the second episode and learn how musicians and organizers deal with the current COVID situation, what challenges you currently have to deal with as a promoter and how you get the chance to design artworks for the biggest punk bands.


The third guest in our podcast series was none other than Marco Pogo. He is not only the frontman of the band Turbobier, but also the founder of the beer party, master brewer of the Turbobier and head of his own record label: Pogo’s Empire. We talked about success stories, tips & tricks for local bands, and what influence the corona virus has on the cultural industry.


Kerim Lechner (KRIMH) was our guest for episode number 4. He is an exceptional musician, professional metal drummer and multi-instrumentalist on his solo project "Krimh". Kerim can already look back on several world tours with various bands like Septicflesh, Decapitated, Harakiri for the Sky, etc. Now listen to the fourth episode and learn more about the life of a professional metal drummer.


Our final guest was Nico Sallach, the new singer of the German band “Eskimo Callboy”. In June 2020 they released together their first single “Hypa Hypa” from their latest record and broke their own records. "Our new EP ‘MMXX ’bundles all the energy that we cannot bring on stage in these strange times," explains Kevin.

Tune in and find out more about the new Eskimo Callboy singer and their plans for the future.



Everyone still knows them, the soundtracks of Tony Hawk Underground 2, Need for Speed etc ... Many artists have already proven that music and gaming can be combined well. Whether a Fortnite live concert or a music festival live in Minecraft, especially in times like these, creative ways are becoming more and more important to reach your fans. Together with Viennality (Austrian Fighting Game Tournament) we looked at whether and how fighting games and heavy music fit together. The answer is: Actually, two different worlds, but they complement each other perfectly. For this reason, the guys from We Blame The Empire sat down for a round of Mortal Kombat and listened to their latest album "AERO"! The perfect opportunity for you to get to know her songs better. You can watch the stream here! Great music and lots of freaks guaranteed.