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Shots from local photographer Fernando Marmolejo at Motogp Cat.

Adolf Silva: Out of the box

Jun 282018

Adolf Silva has been through a lot already. At 17 he suffered a terrible crash which put him into a coma and still he did the first ever triple backflip on a slopestyle bike before he turned 20 years old. We sit down with him at MotoGP Catalunya to find out what motivates him.

What is it that motivates you everyday, the secret that gets you going?

My passion is to be on a bike, it's what I live for. I risk my life for it, because it's what moves me, what makes me feel alive. Knowing that every day I can improve and grow with this sport motivates me enough. I know it's great to make history and be recognized by people but I really just live to be and enjoy what I do. I'm not going to stop.

How does it feel to make history doing what you love?

I feel super proud, little by little and every year I am growing and improving, so this is just a push that motivates me to keep doing what I love.

At what age did you develop your passion for bikes?

Well, I was on a bike ever since I was a kid but everything really started when I was 15 and discovered Freestyle BMX.

This past year you have been traveling and competing a lot around the world. Do you have any highlights of this year so far?

For me each trip is unique. I love to travel, meet people, walk, enjoy the time but right now, the best place I've ever been to - because the ramps were so great and freaking high – was Darkfest in South Africa. That has been the most memorable trip so far, for sure.

Here in Spain, what are the best places to ride?

I haven’t travelled a lot in Spain but my favourite park is without any doubt La Poma Bike Park, here in Barcelona. ​All the great riders from Europe come here. The weather is always good and the vibes are always great. I would really like to go to Malaga and visit the Skatepark of Rubén Alcantara actually. I know I would have a lot of fun for sure.

How would you describe the perfect bike?

The perfect bike is what I have right now, it's a YT Industries. A bike adapted to my style, small and that allows me to do everything I want.


Thanks Adolf, we hope to see you making more history with your bike around the world.