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Adrien Van Beveren photoshoot in France

Adrien Van Beveren interview at Le Mans MotoGP

May 242016

Besides all the action going on here at this 2016 Monster Energy French MotoGP under a beautiful sun, we managed to sit down and catch up with a very busy Adrien Van Beveren to talk about his career, his thoughts on Valentino Rossi and his future in motocross racing.

“Adrien has been stacking up victories in Endurocross and did a very impressive first try at Dakar last season. ”

My number one priority is the next dakar.

Hello Adrien, you just came back from the Qatar rally, how did it go?

It went rather well. Unfortunately, I suffered a mechanical problem on the first day while I was battling with the men in the lead, and in this world championship rally, you had all the best riders of the Dakar. I won the second stage because I made less navigation mistakes than my opponents. On the third stage, I finished 4th and in the fourth stage, 2nd. I like the progression that I did with this new Yamaha which I find easier to ride and faster. Unfortunately, I fell on the last stage, the bike was totaled and I couldn’t finish the stage. Nevertheless, I learned a lot in this rally.

You came here at the French MotoGP, what this GP means to you?

It’s always a pleasure to attend Grand Prix, especially in these conditions and for that I’d like to thank Monster Energy. I met again with part of my fans from le Touquet here and the atmosphere was really warm and welcoming. On a competition level, a GP is always very impressive; I myself, ride on tracks as well and I love it, especially with Yamaha lending me every now and then a R1 so I can have some good time on a track.

Can you tell us a few words about Valentino Rossi?

I really admire Valentino, like a bunch of people I guess, he is a great champion but also a great person. He managed to create a real worship around him. I consider myself a fan and with the others, we always want him to win. He’s a true passionate guy, and he could have stopped his career years ago but he stay in the competition because that’s the passion of this sports that makes him tick.

Are you considering a transition towards track racing?

When I arrived here, I had a chat with Yamaha, and it’s true that it is something I would have liked but it is too late to start a career and be in the top riders. However, track endure could be something I could do later in my career, and why not try and race the 24h of Le Mans; but I love being behind a wheel, and I rather see myself doing rally or rally-raid in a car later.

What’s your schedule for this year?

I’m very busy since I need to get ready for the Dakar and for that I’m competing in the whole World Championship with Yamaha: Morocco Rally at the end of May, Sardinia rally in June, Chili in August and a tour in the US in order to discover this country on a bike. All these things will get me prepared for the next Dakar.