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Event shots from the Ala Skateboards Wallride Jam - no local athletes involved - we sponsored the event - branding on the place

Ala Skateboard Wallride Jam

Sep 082016

Ala Skateboards Wallride Jam was held in an excellent atmosphere. The meaning of this event was huge for us and Turkey because it was unique for Turkey. That’s why we are really happy to be a part of it.

Skaters tried to climb as high as they could with pretty fun and friendly enviroment. Nothing happen like injury which is really positive thing for us! Besides that in the event, there are a lot of different activation like gaming consoles and drum-o-meter for the audience and skaters.

Once the competition begun everyone attentively followed the event in the first place, Belgian skater Selahattin Wera showed his skills before the competition start and he reached the highest point on the wall in the warm up and also in the competition. While he crowned his victory with the Fender guitar, from here we congratulate him once!