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After taking gold in Sydney's X-games, Alex embarks on a two week road trip down the sunshine East coast of Australia exploring everything along the way. The result is mind-melting precision mixed with infinite happiness that only he possesses.

Alex Donnachie - OZMOSIS

Jan 102019

Arguably the most technical street rider in the game right now, Alex Donnachie, is back with another banger edit for Monster Energy. Alex spent just three weeks in Australia with enigmatic filmer Richard Forne to create Ozmosis, a three-minute onslaught of technical prowess and straightforward bangers. Oh, and the first week was spent winning his first ever X Games gold medal, too.

It’d be easy to say that Alex has been top of his game lately, but that would simply be untrue. In fact, Australia marked Alex’s official return to riding after spending a year off the bike due to a torn ACL. It obviously had no effect on Alex in competition, as he somewhat unassumingly managed to win his first ever gold. But, as Alex puts it, “The X Games is just a skatepark and filming on street is a different ballgame.” Things started off a bit slow in Sydney as Alex worked on both finding spots and his confidence: “At the start of [filming] I was scared to even pegs a rail, so it did take me a while to build the confidence up.” With a few clips stacked in Sydney, the need to switch up the scenery crept in. Alex and Rich rented a camper van and took the leisurely route to Brisbane looking for spots (none), beaches (lots), and a few koalas to pet (too many) along the way.

Once in Brisbane Alex began to hit a stride, and as he puts it, “Towards the end I felt so good; I was right back into it. I felt like I was just getting started and I didn’t want the trip to end. It was what I needed to get back into riding.” If three full minutes of near impossible crook combinations, a feeble-to-360-smith-to-180, a massive uprail bar, and every mind-numbing trick in between is just getting back into it... Damn.