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Action shots of our athletes at MX Millville

AMA Motocross: Who’s Winning?

Jul 242017

The Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship is in full swing. This upcoming weekend will kick off the ninth race in the twelve-part series. Last week’s race at Spring Creek was filled with obstacles, but this week we’ll head up to the beautiful Pacific Northwest for a race through the evergreens. Washougal National in Washington will host this picturesque race on July 29th


Monster rider, Eli Tomac, is killing the 450 class races. He’s taken home four first place wins, putting him at the top of the overall rankings. His closest competitor proves to be Blake Baggett, with two wins for himself. The rider is following close behind Tomac, but the two stand tall at the top of the list. It seems their only competition is between each other, with a solid 40 points between second and third. But with Musquin’s sweep last week at Spring Creek, things may start changing. Monster teammates, Cooper Webb and Justin Barcia, have also made top ten, with Weston Peick and Josh Grant edging in close behind.  



Zach Osborne is in the lead in the 250 class, with the Martin brothers following in second and third. The three have held the podium tightly this season, but Monster athlete, Joey Savatgy is catching up in fourth place. Savatgy has taken two victories this season, including one at Thunder Valley and the second last week at Spring Creek.  


Looking forward 

The Washougal course is known for its dark clay-- a change of scenery from the typical sand and loose soil. Riders must rely on precision and control, not just speed, to win this race. But Monster athletes have packed the standings at Washougal in the past years, with Tomac taking home a 2016 win and Peick and Barcia making top five in the 450 class. Forkner, Webb, Savatgy, and Hill all came in the top five for the 250, last year. 


The series has played out consistently with the riders, with the same faces popping up in the top ten. But consistency doesn’t mean you should stop watching; there’s still four races left and lots of room for game changing action.