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Amazing first Dakar for Adrien Van Beveren

Jan 192016

Two time Touquet’s Enduropale winner, Monster Energy motocross rider Adrien Van Beveren gets into yet another challenge: the Dakar Rally, known to be the toughest rally in the world. Adrien and his team Yamaha Europe launched themselves into this first experience in the hopes of learning, understanding and analyzing this incredible and unforgiven race that is the Dakar Rally. Adrien managed to keep progressing and improving stage after stage and eventually finished 6th (first French) for his first attempt. Needless to say he’s got a bright future ahead of him! We managed to get on the phone with him and asked him a few questions about this amazing experience, here`s what he had to say:

I can objectively say that I have a chance to win this in 3 or 4 years!

How do you feel after your performance?

Amazing! My goal was to get to Rosario for my first Dakar. Eventually I finished in 6th position, first French, it reminds of my first Enduropale in le Touquet where I ended up being 6th as well.

What was the most difficult stage?

The Belen Del La Rioja one. More than 40 degrees through tricky bushes, crevasses and the infamous “fesh fesh” (a sort of quicksand famous in the region). The bike was under a lot of solicitation and I had to make sure it didn’t break. 8 hours of riding are physically and mentally exhausting!

How did you manage the race in general, did you keep a progression margin regarding your speed for example?

Yes, I did keep some leeway in the way that I rode but still, I had some big frights so I tried and kept a good pace to stay in the race. I know I can go faster but I need to learn and gain more experience because the Dakar Rally has always something up its sleeve, even if you’re a confirmed rider!

What will you keep from this first Dakar?

So many things! The first one being that nothing is to be taken for granted in this race. With a lot of will power, one can physically overcome themselves. You can’t relax until you’re arrived. I will also remember how locals in Bolivia or Argentina supported us riders from first to last! Dakar is also mutual assistance between competitors; we’re in this together even if we’re competing each other. If you see someone who needs helps, you will always stop and ask if everything’s ok. Yes, it’s a competition but with values that you won’t find anywhere else in the Motocross world!

How do you see your future, will Dakar become a priority?

Yes, it will! I will race more rallies as well and develop that side of the competition with my team Yamaha Europe and try and get better again and again! I’ll keep my head cool regarding this year’s result but I can objectively say that I have a chance to win this in 3 or 4 years! Stay tuned and make sure you come back here often for some more results from Adrien Van Beveren. Next stop is Touquet's Enduropale at the end of January 2016.