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Andreas Bakkerud & Nicolas Hamilton Go Head-To-Head!

Jun 272017

When two petrol-chuggin’ legends in the making come together, you know that you’ve got a recipe for non-stop competitive greatness! World RX young-gun, Andreas Bakkerud decided to throw down some challenges for gamer turned racer, Nic Hamilton

The rules were simple, two challenges, one day – the loser handing over their Instagram account to the victor. The pressure is unreal, it’s like a self inflicted Frape

Challenge 1 – the VR experience!

Nicolas Hamilton is a man of many talents. Off the track, he’s an incredible gamer with car games being his speciality. We took Andreas to Nic’s apartment to kick the first challenge off in the realm of VR video game racing. You’ll have to watch the video to find out who won that round.

Challenge 2 was something both Nic and Andreas were amped for. In-door go-kart racing. The pair went head to head over two races and because this was Nic’s home go-kart track and Andreas had a lot to prove!

Watch the full #BakkerudLife episode to find out who’s Instagram got taken over with the caption “I met my overman today at Team Sport Karting! Such a great guy, go give him a follow…”

Something tells us this isn’t the last time they’ll be challenging each other. The pair both agreed that it ‘isn’t over’