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Shots from final race on Sunday at MotoGP Catalunya, Spain

AR47 at MotoGP Catalunya

Jun 202018

Best known for his performance on the ice hockey rink, two-time Russian world champion and Dallas Stars Alex Radulov is a true lover of speed and action. Inviting him to join the Monster family at MotoGP in Catalunya seems natural. So we did! And we obviously didn’t miss out on the opportunity to catch up with Alex afterwards. Enjoy the read!

“An all inclusive experience!”

This was your first Monster event, what’s your weekend been like?

It was great, we had a photo shoot before with the team and then came here. This sport is something different. A lot of fun. A lot of emotion. I wasn’t expecting that it would be that much fun. I like it and I had a chance to see everything: the rig, the garage, the grid. It was a lot of fun. They go so fast!

Was this also your first MotoGP event?

Yes. I have watched it previously on TV at home but I’ve never seen it live. It’s so different to F1 and I really think I like this sport better. They crash! They always attack each other.

You’ve been at the Monster rig a few times over the last few days - how was this experience?

The rig riot is a lot of fun! Really, there a lot of people there and I had the chance to go on the stage with a few of the other riders. Good DJ, good music, the monster girls. An all inclusive experience !

Have you always been a fan of motorsports?

I like motorsports but I’ve never had a chance to ride a bike because of my job. Maybe when I’m getting old, I’ll have the chance to ride one.

“This sport is something different. A lot of fun. A lot of emotion.”

Would you ever fancy racing?

Haha, no. It’s too late. Maybe in my next life.

I know you have a son. If he were to come to you and say: “Daddy, I want to ride motorcycles” - what would you say?

I don’t want him to ride a motorcycle in Moscow because it’s dangerous but if he wants to be in that sport then I can’t say no. I’ll do all I can to help him to succeed.

What’s more dangerous – Ice hockey or MotoGP?

I think that when you’re as good as these guys are then the danger level goes down a bit. I mean, it’s so dangerous but they clearly know what they’re doing, how to protect themselves if they fall and stuff. In ice hockey, I think we have more frequent injuries but in MotoGP when it does go wrong, then it’s usually a little more extreme. It’s just different.

Do you have any favourite rider?

Valentino Rossi! I was a big fan of him before this race as well. I would love to meet him one day.

Are there any other Monster events that you’d like to go to?

Snow sports, for sure! The skiing and snowboarding events with those big jumps! I would really like to see that live!

What will you take away with you from this weekend?

The people! The teams behind the sport are so friendly and have a lot of fun. And all the fans and tons of people working behind this event are all so great. Plus, the weather, that has been amazing.