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These are some images of Hardik that we have shot internally to be used on social media

Are you ready to #CrushQuarantine

May 052020

The real Monster maestros aren’t the ones waiting for their time to arrive, they are ones creating a future from within the walls of their home despite being quarantined. Almost everyone quarantined at home is in need of a little levity and normalcy to break this new monotony of life. But as we find ourselves locked down, let us take time to unlock our energies and unleash the beast within with a can of Monster energy.

We are redefining work from home for all those who cannot contain their adrenaline within the boundaries of their home cause, boy, we no letting anything bring down our energy levels.

Monster Energy is creating the hashtag #CrushQuarantine to galvanise our community to unleash their cool, badass talents and skills while staying at home.

Our Monster superstar Hardik Pandya, has also joined the bandwagon with his quaran-training routine. He ain’t letting nothing get to him as he’s got his energy loaded with his can of  Monster energy.

Want to join the Monster Army with #Crushquarantine?

All you have to do is Create a video showing how you #CrushQuarantine. Don’t forget to tag @monsterenergy with the hashtag #CrushQuarantine and #MonsterEnergyIndia


Whether it’s a sport you’re passionate about, a fitness routine you’ve built for yourself, an unconventional workout style or simply a trick you’ve excelled – share it with the Monster tribe!


Wanna know how all the monsters around the world have made the most of #CrushQuarantine? Have a look:


Adventure on Wheels

Monstrous energy only requires ample of mind space

Ace that couple workout


Get ready to #CrushQuarantine as you tear into a can of the meanest energy drink on the planet to give yourself a big bad buzz. Don’t let the boundaries of your home stop you from unleashing the beast within. Pick up your Monster energy can, get your game on and show us what you got!