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action at D1 Primring, Vladivostok

Arkadiy Tsaregradsev strikes the FIA Intercontinental Drifting Cup podium

Oct 092017

In the middle of autumn the world got surrounded by smoke of burning rubber and the sound of roaring vehicles. Japan hosted the World’s first ever official World Cup, under FIA (International automobile Association) regulations. The place for this special event was chosen for a reason – Odaiba island, Tokio is a legendary place, where drifting was born. This is the place where for a long time the D1 GP finals take place every year.

D1 Grand Prix series where born in Japan and spread worldwide, popularizing the drift culture. Finally this year FIA announced drifting as an official sport.
FIA Intercontinental Drifting Cup welcomed world’s Top 24 pilots from 14 countries. Japan was presented by 4 strongest drivers: Masato Kawabata 3 times champion of D1 GP. 2 time champion D1 GP Daigo Saito, Hideki Fujino and Masashi Yokoi 1st and 2nd place on D1 GP 2017.

Russia at the Drifting Cup was represented by famous Siberians – Arkadiy Tsaregradsev and Gocha Chivchyan. Arkadiy was driving his legendary Skyline R34 on Toyo tiers R888R 275/35R18. They were melting like ice.

After two days of competing Arkadiy wins the 2nd position! This Victory will definitely go down in history.

We’ve caught Arkadiy living Japan and asked him a few questions:

- Hi! All of our Team cheered for you during those races. Huge congrats on your win! Could you share your impressions of the event with us.

- For sure it’s a great luck, that me and Gocha were invited, and we showed good results. Would like to thank for the way everything was organized, the Japanese Team made it Top. What was really difficult is to compete with the world strongest drifters. I raced with such PRO’s as Masato Kawabata and Hideki Matsuyama. Before that day I was with Aurimas “ODI” Bakchis and Charles NG and it was tuff.

- After such a Victory, what’s next?

- First of all I really hope to visit all of the Intercontinental Cup series. I wish to travel a lot, and to watch how FIA is developing the event, and of course the main target as always is, getting the Gold win. My second place is great but it’s obvious that I shouldn’t stop on it!

- What is the main secret of your success? Could you advice something to people that are only making their first steps in drifting?

- Here in Japan, what really helped me out was to stay cold-minded during the whole period. I stayed calm, not worrying about who’s driving with me, he’s advantages or anything else. The only thing I was thinking about is to show a good performance heading to the competitor’s door side. And this tactic didn’t fail! Never stress yourself. Relay on your tactics and opportunities, but don’t hang up on them. Drive on and enjoy what you are doing! This is probably the only advice I can give to people starting to drift. When you are enjoying what you are doing, the success will arrive quickly!