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Jossi Wells at the 2016 B&E Invitational in Les Arcs, France


May 052016

The B&E Invitational showcased the world’s most innovative and stylish skiers on one of the world’s most innovative park. Including features such as a full snow cradle, multiple trannys, insane rails and crazy hits it was no surprise that the riders absolutely threw down! We caught up with the New Zealand wonder kid Jossi Wells to chat all things B&E!


What do you think the B&E invitational is doing for freeski in general not just competitions?

The really cool thing about B&E is every person that has been invited here has a very similar mind set when it comes to skiing, not necessarily certain tricks but the way they approach skiing and that everyone here is trying to make skiing look really good regardless of whether you are doing a slash on the wall or a dub cork out of the bowl or you are at a contest doing triple corks, everyone has that same sort of mind set of trying to make the tricks look as good as they can and that’s a huge focus on the style of skiing, and that’s really good for the sport of skiing! That’s the coolest thing to watch; well done skiing! So when you put a group of guys like this together guys from all walks of life and skiing and bringing them all together to create this whole event based around style is a really special thing and that’s something that doesn’t really happen in any other contest! It’s a one off thing!

What’s been the biggest highlight of the event so far and did you see Dillion Cooper play last night?

Dillion Cooper last night was so lit! I have never heard his music before and now he definitely has a new fan. I was front row, wild and out, getting live, it was pretty sweet. The concert last year was a highlight too but honestly just ripping through this course is a highlight, it’s a dream come true for any skier. Every person that comes out he bottom has a huge smile on their face, we are all having such a great time and really honoured to be here and a part of this thing. It takes a lot of man hours to build this course and it’s something you cant have set up all year round because it takes so much effort from so many people coming together to make it happen so to be chosen as one of the people to come here I feel honoured and just having a great time!

What features have you enjoyed riding the most?

I am actually having a really great time on the cradle because it’s the first time I have ever seen a cradle on snow and there are a lot of skateboard and skatepark influences and that’s why this event is cool because these guys have this vision of how they want to see skiing go, and I think that cradle is one of those things that is really rad and hasn’t really been done. No one really knew how to ride it when we first got here and now we have been riding it for a few days it’s getting more and more fun! From top to bottom the whole thing is flowy, you have individual little hits all the way down but just stringing them all together in a run and the flow is the highlight of the whole course!