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Action shot from Pyrénées Circus competition & after Party in St Lary, France

Back on Pyrénées Circus 2018!

Apr 112018

We met with Jean, Pyrénées Circus' promoter and he tells us all about this unique event taking place every year in St Lary's resort....

Can you introduce yourself and the Pyrénées Circus (PYC) happening in St Lary Soulan’s resort?

My name is Jean. I’m Pyrénées Circus co-promoter for two years with some friends from St Lary, Nicolas, Magalie and Jean-Marie through a non-profit organization named after the event. And on a volunteer basis.
Pyrénées Circus is a snowboard and ski freestyle event, a World Snowboard Tour stop and a music festival with a musical springboard for local DJ’s and big international headliners. Pyrénées Circus is also an opportunity to put more life in St Lary’s resort during after ski with amongst others various circus activities, ecology awareness…

How did you get this event idea? How this incredible enthusiasts’ adventure got started?

Pyrénées Circus carried on a unique event I co-promoted during 14 years: Poney Session. This event was pretty important in St Lary for years. When it came to an end in 2016, with Nicolas, Magalie and Jean-Marie “true local guys” already involved into the resort, we thought we had to take up the torch with this music and action sports event. That’s why we created the non-profit organization Pyrénées Circus and this new event with the resort’s support and some partners like Monster Energy.

During this second PYC edition the park was crazy just like on the biggest world cup events. How do you get such an incredible set-up?

We’re lucky to work with HO5 park company and to be able to count on all St Lary’s shapers’ dedication. With a load of snow this winter, it allowed them to create the set-up we were dreaming about, competitive with other big events. In the end we have a laser shaped park, original, fun and super safe for the riders

In 2018, PYC’s party beat again the attendance record. What is the PYC’s party secret?

The parties are a true challenge every year. Constraints are huge. It’s really complicated to get a public, during winter in an already overcrowded resort during holidays. There’s no real secret, only a sharp healiner’s choice and same for the other DJs. That’s why we had Etienne de Crecy, real French Touch ambassador. He’s one of the few DJs to mix for the crowd and get so close from his fans during the show. That made the party gigantic with awesome vibes and everyone leaving with a big smile on the face.

How are things going to be for PYC in the future?

Pyrénées Circus wants to be a part of the French Freestyle landscape. The resort and Altiservice trust us for at least 3 years so we we can look to the future with confidence. The “Freestyle winter events” are in a pretty bad situation so we try to do our with pride and humbleness too. We want to offer an event equals to the French riders’ skills and why not have more and more foreign riders. We also want to sustain the relationship with our partners and get some new ones, in order to have an always better event, for the crowd and for the riders. I want to thank Raynald Tanny for his community manager’s work (and bunch of stuff more) and all the friends who helped to put up this event, you know who you are!