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Jason Webb wins the 2017 Supadrift Series Round 4


Jul 312017

Coming off a massive win at S0O3, Jason Webb wasted no time and layed down some blisteringly fast runs in Port Elizabeth at Aldo Scribante Raceway this past weekend. 

With entry speeds of just under 150KPH combined with massive angles, Jason impressed the judges enough to award him the top spot in qualifying round.  

In the end, Jason faced up against KZN's Gaven Puren in the finals. The battle was fierce but it was Jason’s speed and impeccable use of line choice that got him the top spot, making this a back to back win and producing some upsets in the overall series points, it looks like it could now be anyone’s championship as SupaDrift moves into the final 2 stops of the race season! 

We caught up with Jason after the win for a quick Q&A - Read on!

My team consisting of my dad, “Speedy” Webb and Malcolm are unbelievable

Congratulations on the back to back win Jason! How does that feel?

It feels so good! To be honest with the way the car felt at the first event and with the improvements we made before this event, I was feeling too good not to get a good result. Aldo Scribante is the fastest track on the Supa Drift calendar and personally it's my favourite track. It really tests you as a driver and with initiation speeds of 150km per hour you really have to be on point! Its the most amazing feeling to be able to throw your car sideways at 150km whilst keeping your foot flat.

Tell us more about the car – it looks and sounds amazing but what goes on under the hood to make it perform like that?

My team consisting of my dad, “Speedy” Webb and Malcolm are unbelievable – they've made some custom changes to the suspension set up and the angle kits to adapt to this super fast track. To be honest I'm not sure if the car could feel any better at this point, it was just so easy to place and hold my lines at high speed. We went over 700 BHP! The Roush engine feels great and puts down the power at any time! It really just is a dream car.

the car and myself just felt too good not to do well!

You qualified 1st and came away with a win in the finals - how'd you put a day like that together?

As mentioned previously the car and myself just felt too good not to do well! The tandem battles were great, it was good to go up against some of the toughest drivers like Jim Mcfarlane and Gavin Puren in the finals. The Port Elizabeth fans were also awesome to drive in front off – Thanks to all of them for the support they give the drivers!
After missing the first two rounds – having these 2 wins fortunately puts me in contention to win the 2017 Championship, I've just got to stay on top of my A-game and given the way that I’m currently feeling, it doesn't seem like a problem to me ;)

So what's next? How are you going to stay sharp for the next SupaDrift round?

I’m off to Zimbabwe next weekend to do some demos at The Annual Festival of Speed over there, it's going to be awesome putting in some time driving in a different country and potentially making some new fans. I'm really looking forward to “smokin it up” in Zim.

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