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Images of PBR in Oklahoma City where Jose Vitor Won the 15/15 Bucking Battle

Back To His Routine | Jose Vitor Leme

Feb 142022

There is an old philosophy about life imitating art.

For two-time defending PBR World Champion Jose Vitor Leme, it was an instance of life imitating practice Friday night when he rode Ridin Solo for 94.75 points to win the 15/15 Bucking Battle in Oklahoma City.

It was yet another decisive and dominating move by Leme — one of only two qualified rides in the 15/15 — into the Top 10 of the PBR world standings for the first time in 2022.

“I missed that feeling to ride for more than 90 (points),” said Leme, who won a 15/15 for the seventh time in his career. “Now I’m back in my routine and I am so happy about that.”

The routine he was speaking of is winning.

It was the first win of any kind in 2022 for the Brazilian-born rider, who has amassed 72 round wins in route to 21 event wins and two world titles.

Leme, who passed on the first few elite televised PBR event of the season while healing from a groin and core muscle injury from last season, had previously bucked off Ridin Solo this past August in Nashville.

This time, he kept up the fight for the entire 8 seconds and judges rewarded the 25-year-old Monster Energy rider by marking him an impressive 2.5 points over the bull score. Leme received 48.5 points compared to Ridin Solo’s equally impressive 46.25 points for an announced score of 94.75.

“He always bucks good with me,” Leme said. “I don’t know, I think he likes me, and we made a good ride tonight. Another 90 in my career. I am just so blessed.”

Leme added: “I got some important (world) points and maybe got some more positions in the world standings. I know my time is coming and I will be there.”

Marco Eguchi finished the regular-season event second in the average, while Cody Teel was 10th.

“I come here ready for everything,” said Eguchi, who did not let the first-round buck off end his weekend. In fact, having his family with him “makes me strong.”

Eguchi earned a pair of qualified rides on Saturday night, including a 90-point score on First Down in the Championship Round.

Unfortunately, two-time PBR World Champion Jess Lockwood dislocated his left shoulder in the opening round. He will have an MRI to determine the full extent of his latest injury and will likely undergo surgery. A return date is unknown.

Boudreaux Campbell, the newest member of the Monster Energy team, won a Velocity event in Memphis, Tennessee. Campbell, 27, will now be competing with Leme, 11; Cody Teel, 13, and Eguchi, 16, this coming weekend in St. Louis, Missouri, while Derek Kolbaba and Chase Outlaw are expected to be at a Velocity event in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Leme, Teel, Eguchi, and Campbell will then travel directly from St. Louis to Los Angeles for a rare mid-week event.