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Day two images from the 2016 World RX of Canada

Bakkerud locks in Hoonigan Hat Trick in Canada

Aug 082016

Call it providence, fate, or whatever you like; the fact that on WorldRX’s third ever visit to Canada, Andreas Bakkerud scored a third consecutive podium of the season, placing him third in the drivers’ championship, as well as locking Hoonigan Racing Division into third in the team standings, is nothing short of awesome.

Racing through a sun-scorched weekend and storm drenched final, Andreas bossed his 600bhp Ford Focus RS-RX to rack up a haul of top five finishes in the qualification races, a win in the semi final, and an impressive 22 points towards his title-chase campaign. It all caps a hugely successful first half of the season for the 24 year old Norwegian on his debut year with the Hoonigan Racing Division Team.

Andreas Bakkerud – 2nd:
“I crossed the line and thought – did that really happen? It’s been an absolutely crazy weekend. We have been on it all through Saturday and Sunday. The team have done another amazing job, but to be totally honest I didn’t feel like I had the top pace that I wanted here in Canada. Compared to the past two races, I felt like I was chasing hard everytime I went on track. We had a small problem with the gear linkage in the Q3 – the lever broke off in my hand – so I had to loosen off my seatbelt slightly to reach for the rest of the lever and change gear! The final was just a blur as well; the rain at the start made everything super slippery, and the joker lap at the end between Timmy was very close. If I had just two or three tenths more I could have been fighting for the inside line and the win. It’s a great result all the same though. Our performance all together for the first half of the championship has been far more than we expected, and to go into the summer break with two wins and three back to back podiums is a dream come true really. I’m third in the drivers championship and all together we are also third in the team standings – it’s going to be very exciting when we head to France in September for sure.”


Petter Solberg – 5th:

“That didn’t go to plan in the final for sure. The data shows that Marklund hit me from behind doing around 140kph and I was travelling at about 35kph. It was all after the finish line, I could see Hansen celebrating so I slowed down, and then there was just a huge impact from behind. The team said that he [Marklund] lost all braking in the car. To be honest – on my feeling alone - this probably the worst accident of my career, much worse than my crash at Rally Germany in 2004. It took me at least five minutes to get the feeling back in my legs and feel strong enough to get out of the car. I went to get checked out at the hospital – and I’m ok but very very sore. The car is in a massively bad condition now, and my team have a huge job to get ready for France. It’s a massive shame, we scored maximum points in three of the qualification races, and I won the semi final. I’m looking forward to just heading back home now and supporting my son Oliver who is fighting for the European Championship title in Crosskarts next weekend.”

Ken Block – 10th:

“I had some really good lap-times here, - I think I managed to get the second or third fastest lap overall out of the entire event – so even though I didn’t get the placing in the final that I wanted I’m pretty proud of what we have all achieved this weekend. It’s a new track for me – a little more like the GRC series tracks I’ve raced on before. I’m pretty hard on myself though – I made mistakes this weekend though, and I don’t want to repeat them. Coming out of the dust in the semi final, the visibility was so bad, which made me, brake too late and go off the racing line a little bit coming into the final corner. I clipped the wall on the exit, and broke the wheel. I’ve said it before, but Andreas and all the team have done an awesome job, and I’m really looking forward to racing in France in September and trying to get some more points and results!”