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Bandit Bikers Interview with Monster Energy

Jul 082020

Stunt riding – for some it’s their fear, for some it’s their passion, for a select few it’s an energy that drives their life. Bandit Bikers, is one of the top stunt riding groups of India who’ve been lighting up the track with their energy. They started their journey in 2005 - Bandit Bikers perform freestyle stunt riding and participate in dirt races. What started as a team of 5, has now become a family of 30 enthusiastic riders. We got in touch with them to know how they have revved up stunt riding in India and what made them come this far. Here’s their story:

How and when did Bandit Bikers start their journey?

Bandit Bikers started in 2005 in Calicut. We came together since we shared a common interest in motorsports, stunt riding and the motocross culture. What started out as a stunting team, has now become a motor sports team. We now have a bike stunting crew and a super motocross racing gang and also, along with BANDIDOS PITSTOP, which is India’s No.1 Auto Accessories Race Tech Store. We also did the dirt extreme event last year at Thrissur in Kerala, where we had over 13000 people including stunt riders from different countries.  

What is the best part of being a part of the Bandit Bikers

The best part is about being a part of the Bandit Bikers’ family - it’s more like an association of people who are basically challenging a lot of things which probably can only done by professionals. It’s more about trusting people and the friendships. Beyond that, the feeling of being together has helped us challenge a lot of normality when it comes to this industry. Sometimes, they are a bunch of guys who work for corporate, another day, they are bunch of youngsters trying out few stunts. When it comes to stepping up and doing something, they are the best professional guys you can have. They think beyond. Their ideas are unimaginable and their abilities to bring those ideas to life is exciting. 

As a team, what are some challenges Bandit Bikers have faced

One of the biggest challenges we face right now is the society not being very welcoming of this profession. Motor sports or extreme sports is still alien to people. Bike probably as a basic element is considered to be dangerous. The Bandit Bikers are trying their best to change the outlook of people towards what exactly is motor sports and the passion behind it. We do a lot of focus group discussion around safety issues when it comes to stunt riding. 

Tell us a little bit about the team members 

Jobin, Sojin, Vaishnav, Prajosh, Bushair, Abhinav & Sahal take care of bike stunting. Jobin, is the guy who gets things together.  He plays the role of team co-ordinator. Murshi, Anu and Vinu are involved in Autocross and Supercross, Bandidos Pitstop and run the core system while also taking care of the shop – equipment, models and procurements. They also take care of the race track, and train newbies. 

Describe Bandit Bikers in one word.

CULT!! They have been hustling from 2005 to 2010 to become great stunt riders and then they progressed into different vertical of motocross. They are the granddads of stunting. 

The fav monster energy drink of the team?

Monster Energy Green Can.

What’s next for Bandit Bikers?

Our whole plan is to pull off Dirt Extreme 2.0. The idea is to have an event with 25000 people and make it big. Just waiting for the situation to get better and then we get to work!   

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