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Daigo vs Baggsy Battledrift 2 project


Jun 292017

Just 18 months after it’s sensational online debut, #BATTLEDRIFT is back with more power, more tire smoke, and a brand new drift showdown. It’s Daigo vs. Baggsy; Lamborghini vs. GT-R; East meets West. Jump in, hold tight, and hit play.

Leaving 14.8 million views in its online tire tracks with its debut, #BATTLEDRIFT is the brainchild of the creative team at Monster Energy, blending high horsepower, world-renowned championship-winning drivers, and eye-popping visuals; aiming to break the internet using big bhp, the likes of which have never been seen before.

Hear From The Drivers of BattleDrift 2


While the original episode took to the iconic ‘Touge’ roads of Japan, and a mountaintop village, the series’ incredible sequel goes industrial. Filmed in a raw dockside location in the south east of the United Kingdom, Daigo Saito – a drift icon hailing from Japan – returns with his screaming drift-converted 650bhp Lamborghini Murciélago to face-off against the ultimate drifting Godzilla; a 1400bhp custom built Nissan GT-R piloted by Monster Energy’s resident European tire slayer Steve “Baggsy” Biagioni.


If that wasn’t enough, #BATTLEDRIFT 2 adds a third driver into the mix. 34-year-old Californian, off-road racing sensation Casey Currie; who brings the Baja noise with his race winning 550bhp Pro2 Pro Lite race truck.


“It’s a fantastic project, and I’m excited that Monster Energy has given us the opportunity to make another episode,” explained Daigo. “We had a lot of fun filming the first edit on the mountain roads in Japan, and now the contrast of the dockside industrial setting is great."


“The weather has been a little bit of a challenge with the rain on the first day of the shoot, and we had some technical problems with the Lamborghini, but it’s nothing we couldn’t handle. I pushed the car very hard on the second day of filming, and we have some incredible shots of Baggsy and I going door-to-door around the dockyard and pulling a doughnut in the abandoned military fort. It’s a very cool project to work on, and it’s great to be drifting with Baggsy as the new opponent. I hope people will enjoy it as much as the first episode!”

Echoing Daigo’s enthusiasm, Baggsy added: “It’s the stuff dreams are made of being involved in a production of this size. After seeing how amazing the original #BATTLEDRIFT was, I’d never thought that I could be involved in the second episode of it. The fact that Monster Energy wanted our team to be involved with it was absolutely mega. So I was excited to even be considered in the first place."


“Driving the GT-R was something like a top-fuel Powerboat. Because the second you put your foot on the power you were slammed back in the seat and looking at the sky – where the car is squatting so hard under acceleration. Combined with so much forward thrust it felt like the car was trying to do a wheelie all the time. It was insane – probably one of the scariest days work I’ve had, jumping straight in the car against Daigo - one of the world’s best drifters - and trying to get to grips with the beast we created. Not to mention putting on a good enough performance for the film crew!”


Wrapping things up, Casey said: “I’m blown away – Monster Energy always takes things to a different level, and having the opportunity to be involved in #BATTLEDRIFT 2 is off the hook. Getting the opportunity to drive on a set with a massive production company and amazing drivers like Daigo and Baggsy has been an incredible experience.”

Enough talk. Hit play to feast your eyes on the world premiere of #BATTLEDRIFT 2 - taking a combined 2600bhp of tire-slaying, fire-spitting power direct from the blacktop to your screen now!


And don't forget to watch the battle that kicked this whole thing off, #BATTLEDRIFT!


Steve ‘Baggsy’ Biagioni's Nissan R35 GTR Build



Normally it takes about 9 months to convert a stock car into a drifting machine. Baggsy's team of professional mechanics managed to complete the build in only 2 months in order to feature it against Daigo Saito's Lamborghini in Monster Energy's #BATTLEDRIFT2! You saw it built, now watch it perform. With 1400bhp, the custom-built Nissan GT-R takes on the 650bhp Lamborghini Murciélago on the docksides in the southeast UK, for a combined 2600bhp of raging machinery.